What is the Best Ayurvedic Treatment or Medicine for Piles & Fissure?

What is the Best Ayurvedic Treatment or Medicine for Piles & Fissure?

What is Piles:

It is a problem created on anus and anus is a very delicate and sensitive organ. The anus is made of tissues. It is the most crucial disease for mankind. Piles patient cant sit on any object as severe pain occurs. The burning sensation is always thereafter passing stool which gives very pain full experience.

It is just a collection of inflamed or swollen tissues and veins of different sizes inside or outside the anus. When anybody suffers from this problem life become hell for him. Know all the excretory organs of the human body are very delegate and sensitive.

Causes of piles:

Generally, medical experts are saying due to chronic diarrhoea, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy. straining when passing stool and chronic and regular constipation.

when appears on suffer from chronic diarrhoea means getting loose motion frequently and due to its pressure on tissue and veins of the anus become too much hence convert into swollen and inflammation on veins and tissues of the anus.

when a person life heavyweight the press are effects anus and hence there become swelling tissue and vein of the anus but it found rare.

Pregnancy is a common cause of piles as when a lady becomes pregnant the weight in the abdomen which gives pressure an anus and veins and tissue become swollen and inflamed hence create piles. If not care properly lady may lead to the fistula.

This is the most common cause in ladies and it is the very awkward and crucial situation. When a person staring while passing stool becomes very dangerous. aS the vein and tissues of the anus are very thin and delegate due to straining there become swelling in veins and tissue of rectum hence convert into piles.

Acute and chronic constipation is the major cause of this problem. A medical expert is saying that when a person did not take plenty of water or taking fast food, junk food and stale food is a major cause of constipation.

A major medical expert is suggesting to intake cure and buttermilk to get relief in piles.

The modern science is operating piles but found again the creation of it so no permanent solution.

In Ayurveda if treated by well expert the piles may be cure without operation means with some medicine it can cure.

In our research, we found that the major cause of constipation is lack of sodium. As cure and buttermilk are having bacillus acid as the main ingredient which absorbs sodium from the body hence enzyme & Excretion become less and the digested food become convert into solid and when this passes through anus it gives strain hence. it swollen tissue and veins so become a creation of piles.

As per our research team if we remove the curd or buttermilk from meal person may get relief from the severity of piles.

What should not eat by a piles patient:-


Oily spicy food should not take. curd or buttermilk should not take.

Junk food, Stale food, fast food, street food and heavy food consist of more fat or carbohydrate should be avoided.


Diet for piles patient:-


Light food and fresh food with very fewer spices and chilli.

The liquid diet is more beneficial to piles patient. The homemade food much helps to these type of patient.

Cucumber and onion salad is consist of full sodium so before a meal, if take salad is very good.

Patient Should take at least two Times a Day fresh cut lemon and salt mix with water to maintain sodium level so constipation does not arise.

What are the symptoms of piles:-

Burning sensation after stool on the anus. Acute pain in passing stool.

Sometimes swollen tissue come out of anus it become give crucial experience while sitting on any object.

Sometimes bleeding comes out of anus while passing stool.

What is bleeding piles:-

In the initial stage of piles, it is called as airy piles because swollen vein and tissue contain air only and while passion stool ail passes.

When the person did not take proper treatment the swelling becomes more and start bleeding while passing stool.

This is called bleeding piles.

Piles treatment at home:

By maintaining proper food in perper time. Stop Avoided food habit. Drinking 2-3 glass of lemon saltwater.

By stopping curd and buttermilk from the diet.


More liquid food daily 

If he maintains all this can get rid of piles if in the initial stage.

but when in the advance stage he must take proper medicine under the supervision of a good physician.

Best ayurvedic medicine for piles and fissure:-

Almost all companies who are making Ayurveda medicine are producing medicine for piles and fissure.

Most of the physician did not abide by researched theory and advising intake of cure and buttermilk hence though medicine is a food manufactured by the company is not giving good result.

We are also manufacturing medicine of piles which formulation researched by the good researcher and in the therapeutic index we mention is stopped oily spicy food and cure and buttermilk.

Our medicine Dr Thanki's Pilex Powder is the best ayurvedic medicine for piles and fissure now well renowned throughout the world.  

best ayurvedic medicine for piles and fissure

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