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Best Ayurveda Herbal medicine for piles ,airy piles,bleeding piles,fissure,fistula,bleeding from nostril, Excess bleeding from vagina.

  • Ayurvedic medicine for piles

    Dr Thankis Pilex Powder is Best Ayurveda Herbal medicine for piles, Airy piles, Bleeding piles, fissure, Fistula, bleeding from nostrils, Excess bleeding from the vagina.


    Naag Kesar, Bilva Patra, Bilva Phal, Chitrak Mool, Harad, Black Paper, Saunth, Kutaj, Suran, Chabya, Kajjali. 

    The product name Pilex itself indicates that it is work for diseases related to piles. And it helps in all kinds of Piles, Fistula, and its complications. Those who are suffering from problems of airy Piles due to constipation, medicine help them in a short time. 

    It works equally in both men and women.

    Avoid intake: 

    Curd, Buttermilk, Fast food, Spicy food, and Oily food. 


    A spoon inside the packet for taking the measured quantity of the medicine powder. 

    Airy Piles:

     One spoonful with water after 15 minutes of taking lunch & dinner that is twice a day. 

    Bleeding Piles:

    Take one spoonful with water after breakfast, lunch, and dinner that is thrice a day. If the person is suffering from bleeding piles for an extended period, then take 1’/2 spoonful thrice a day. 



    First 3 days

     Four spoonful x 4 times a day

    4th day to 7th day

     Four spoonful x 3 times a day

    8th day to 11th day

     Four spoonful x 2 times a day

    12th day to 15th day

     Three spoonful x 3 times a day

    16th day to 21st day

    Two spoonful x 3 times a day


    After that, medicine should be continued until the Fistula is completely cured, as on the last day dose. After getting full relief in Fistula, the patient should take medicine for at least another six months, so that the disease does not repeat. 

    Special: The disease “naksir” means blood coming out of nostrils, could be controlled by this medicine, and if the patient takes it for six months, it will be entirely free from this acute disease. 

    This medicine is very much useful to ladies who are suffering from bleeding leukocoria and nonstop page of bleeding during the menstrual period and help to recover in a short period. (Proven)

    Key Ingredients


    Mesua ferrea

    Piper nigrum

    Aegle marmalose

    Plumbago zeylanica

    Terminalia chebula

    Zingiber officinale

    Aegle marmelos fruit

    Piper retrofractum

    Holarrhena Antidysenterica

    Amorphophallus campanulatus


    Disclaimer: The result may vary from person to person

    From the desk of the chairman

    We are living in a modern age and life is going on simple and better, but the work which is the new generation is getting a job is only sitting position. The high salary to a person who is in its sector but in that person has to sit more than 12 hrs. Secondly, the new generation choices junk food which always spicy or oily means unhealthy.

    Those who are residing at cosmopolitan cities are did not get the chance to have the full time to perform their morning duties as they have to pick local trains or buses at a fixed time to reach their office in time. It leads to constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

    The combination of these may cause acute constipation, which causes the problem of piles in the future.

    If the sufferer ignores, it may convert into fissure or Fistula, and the condition of the sufferer becomes horrible, and the treatment also goes for a more extended period.

    we know the ladies have a thin membrane in between anus and vagina in some acute cases of Fistula we found some sufferers who are very crucial as the stool become removes from the vagina.

    There is no treatment in medical science for such sufferers, but some doctors have trialled our product on these types of sufferers and got a good result.

    As per our promise, our product denotes word pilex for piles so that it will work on every kind and stage of piles.

    The advance stage of simple piles is bleeding piles, and the advance stage of bleeding piles is Fistula or fissure. We claim to work on every one of these types of problems in both sexes.

    Note: As we research it and produce and found anti haemorrhoid in nature, so we found it in working on bleeding from uterus or nose also

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