Kidney failure treatnent in ayurveda

Kidney failure treatnent in ayurveda


kidney care Treatment As everybody knows that the medical science does not have any effective medicines for such crucial disease where as the ancestral Path treatment that is Ayurveda has medicines of certain natural herbs and bhasms combination to fight with all these type of crucial diseases. 



Ingredients : Wayvidang, Devdaroo, Nisoth, 
Punarnawa mool, Nagarmotha, Harad, Baheda, Anwala, Saunth, Pipal, Kali Mirch, Gokhuroo, Sudh Guggul, Yavksharr, Mulikshaar, Sangeyahud Bhasm, Kaudi Bhasm, Shankh Bhasm, Praval Pisti, Muka Sukti Pisti, Mandur Bhasm. 

Due to fast life and irregularity of in taking food the toxic material deposits in the human being and when the quantity of toxic substance become too much it converts into self generated disease like cancer, stone, Renal failure etc. 
As everybody knows that the medical science does not have any effective medicines for such crucial disease where as the ancestral Path treatment that is Ayurveda has medicines of certain natural herbs and bhasms combination to fight with all these type of crucial diseases. 
Our company is engaged in manufacturing medicines for such crucial disease our researchers has invented this medicine after a long study of Ayurveda Shastras. They developed it from few natural herbs and bhasms combined on a certain percentage. 


As per Ayurveda the medicine given by the product which work as catalyst to that medicine is called as ‘Anupan” as in some medicine it is noted that the medicine should given to patient mix with honey, butter, ghee, with hot water or Luke warm water, in these case the ghee, butter, honey, hot water are just working to enhance the efficiency of that medicine to get better and fast result.

These products ghee, butter, honey or hot water are considered as anupan for that medicine. 

Our company’s researchers have also suggested, a mixture of 3 arqs of different herbs to get fast & effective result of Our medicine The Anupan suggested by Our researcher as Stated below 
Punarnava Arq 50% + Makoy Arq 25% Kasni Arq 25% These 3 arqs are available Indian market 

Method of making Anupan 

These 3 arqs are available in Indian market manufactured by different company in 450 ml to 5O ml glass or PET bottle Take these arqs as per Percentage stated above and pour into a vessel and simply fill those empty bottle now the Anupan is ready to use. 

Special: If All the three arqs are not available, then One can Option for Trio Herbal Extract available with us.

General Knowhow provided by nephrologists for treatment of other diseases which generally

occurred in kidney function failure patient

It is well known that the patients of renal-failure usually diagnosed by the modern science i.e. allopath. In prima phase the patient had got played in the hand of allopath. As it is well known that there is no proper treatment of self generated disease from root in allopath. They only do dialysis to prolong the life of kidney patient. In general accordance dialysis is not a perfect treatment.

Note: A kidney failure patient can go for dialysis not more than 400 times in his life. As per data collected from some patients even after 40-50 times of dialysis the Nephrologists suggesting for transplant of kidney.

In ayurveda we have such medicines which work as substitute to kidneys. Medically it is proven and you can see in our patient category review at our official website-( 
Some patient’s USC Abdomen shows both kidneys are normal but their blood urea and s creatinine level are high. In some patient’s USG Abdomen shows both kidneys are non- functioning, but after taking our treatment their blood urea, S.creatinine and other parameters shows normal. So it proves that our medicine works as substitute of kidneys. The patients who have taken our medicines are living with normal happy married life without dialysis.

As we know USC Abdomen and pathology reports of blood are invented by medical science but by our above mentioned statement both shows conflict to each other.
In ayurveda ancestral time the Ayurveda Dr. (Vaidvaji) were simply observing urination, swelling in any part of body or weight increased and from eye they observe the Hb level. (It was because that time investigation of USG Abdomen or other pathological methods were not available to detect parameter as the modern science has in this age)

When we meet with Some reputed nephrologists of modern science they saw results of our medicine than they suggested some medicines for kidney patients which are most suitable for them. We are not considering changing or replacing any medicine. We have just added our “Dr.Thanki’S Kidney Care Capsules” taken by our suggested Anupan and found patient did not require dialysis again or the duration of dialysis period extended.


Patients should abide some important activities given below:- About Kidney Treatment

Patient should measure urine in a urine measure pot for 24 hours means if a person start to measure from 10 am in the morning he should measure up to 10 am next day. He must note down the measurement as ml and note down date and time. (a patient can observe as per his suitable timings but for 24 hrs)
• Patient should monitor weight 7 am to 6 pm and 10 pm and note down in a paper with date.
• Patient should monitor blood pressure after every three hours. Normally it increases in night a 3 am to am. The B.P. level should also be written on a paper with date and time.
• If a patient is diabetic than he must be cautious to control it. He may consult any diabetologist to control it so it does not create more harm to kidney. (he must take advise and follow prescription of his diabotologist as our  medicine did not effect on Diabetes)

A. For Controlling of Blood Pressure:-
Tab- Nicardia

+ Tab- Arkamin.

Tab Nicardia is available in the market as 10mg and 2Omg.
Each patient has different nature body so the nephrologists advised to fix the dose by the patient or attendant of patient by monitoring B.P. after interval of every 3 hours. Generally within seven days dose may be fixed.
Note: – (A) After fixing the dosage patient should not relieve to monitor B.P. as in our treatment in longer period it is found that medicine for controlling of B.P. is not required.
(B) In some cases B.P. become too low in our patient so we recommend “Laxmivilaas” l tsp twice a day for a week.
Caution: As per research it is found that the blood pressure level increases in between 3am to 5 am so at this time once Bp should be monitored positively.
Caution:_  Sometimes after taking B.P. medicine Bp become low and patient feel very uneasy and uncomfortable like nausea, vomiting, weakness and blurred vision that time patient or attendant of patient should give him apple with some salt or electoral powder to maintain the B.P. to get rid of such crucial symptoms.

B.   For Urination:- 

As it is determined that the renal failure patient requires supportive medicine for urination. Some nephrologists suggested like below:
Tab-Dytor-20 for 5 times a day.
Though Tab-Dytor is available in the tab-Dytor-40 and tab-Dytor-100 also but the recognized nephrologists are suggesting taking tab-Dytor-20 for 5 times a day. As urine passed normal the dose can be decreased.

Note: – Some chronicle patient does not excrete urine by simply tab-Dytor-20 than the nephrologists suggests to add-
• Tab: – Lasix —1 tab. twice a day.
• Tab: – Lasilactone —1 tab. twice a day.
Some of our patients after taking our medicine for a longer period they are not taking any medicine for urination and they are excreting urine as the quantity of water which they I take.
Note: In some patients who already dialyzed more than 50
times some time doesn’t pass out urine or if passes in very less or negligible quantity that time Nephrologists are suggesting to give inj. Lasix as IV or IM to set fast result.

C. For Uric Acid:-

As per Ayurveda the raw potato juice is the remedy to decreased the uric acid level but as it is difficult to make or for bad taste patients denies to take it so some Nephrologists suggests –

It is easily available in the market in 100mg and 300mg. so patient or his attendant can adjust dosage as per the uric acid level.

D. For Hemoglobin:-   

As our Dr.Thanki’S Kidney Care Capsules has capacity o increase RBC but the procedure is slow and sometimes it takes a lot of time to increase. The nephrologists are suggesting below mentioned medicines to increase Hb level of patients.
• Capsules:tab Dexorange——–(1 Cap twice a day)
• Tab:- Folvite-5 (2 tab. 4times a day)
Note: In some cases these medicines even work slowly so Nephrologists suggests to provide some injections  like injection and some other injections to kidney failure pa6en.

EFor Potassium- 

Generally it is found that the potassium level is always increased in renal failure patient as per ayurveda. We believe that just follow diet chart it will not permit to increase potassium level but nephrologists are suggesting like below:
Tab: -Revlomer-4OOmg. (as per the level of potassium in pathology reports.)

  1. For Decreased Blood Urea:-
  • Tab: – Chandra Prabha Vati (Ayurveda)- (2 tab. Twice a day with water).
    It is available almost in every avurvedic shop. 
  1. For Decreasing Creatinine:- When we consulted to
    some nephrologists they suggested like below:-
  • Tab: – Cardace.. 2.5 (1/2 tab twice a day).
    As it works as inhibitor so it decreases creatinine level.

For Calcium : If parameter found low calcium:-
Tab-CCM (1 tab in a day or if calcium Shows very low than 1 tablets twice a day)


For normal kidney failure patients : 

3 Capsules three times a day with suggested anupan.
For chronicale acute kidney failure Patients : 3 capsules 4 times a day with suggested anupan.
Note : Those person who are suffering with diabetes for more than ten years are suggested to a 2 capsule with anupan twice a day to save them from kidney problem in future.
As without taking the medicine in the absence of healthy and timely food the medicine can’t give effective and fast result.
In Avurveda the suggestion of food given to patient is called as Pathya (food to be given) and “Apathya” (Avoid) and if the patient in take “Pathya” food at fixed time than the effect of medicine show fast and better result.
We have discussed with so many Dr. of different path and than decided a healthy diet chart for renal failure patient.

Diet Chart for Kidney Patient

Salt: if patients dependent on dialysis only 3 gm. salt is permitted
If patients does not dependent on dialysis than 4 . salt is permitted
Water: I litter per day if dialysis started
1.5 lifter per day if dialysis not started.
Milk: 300 ml of cow milk
Vegetable: Cucumber ghosby, Parwal, white pumpkin, Indian baby
pumpkin, unripened banana, Green tomato, ladyfinger.

Note : Generally people did not get difference in kakdi and khira where as kakdi is dangerous to kidney patients as it consist of potassium
Fruit : Apple, Papaya, muskmelon, Pears, orange, Sweet lemon.
Strictly Banned: Any kind of fruit juice, papad, chutney, pickles, fried products, citrus products coconut water and its allied products groundnut chocolate, aerated water and cold drinks as coco cola, thumbs up, limca etc.
As our medicine is selling in north India as well as is south India so our researcher have suggested the diet chart for north Indian and south Indian kidney patients
6-7 Morning: one cup tea or coffee made of very less
8-9 Breakfast:
North Indian: 
3 Fulka with one bowl of green vegetable

 South Indian : 4 idli or 1 uttapam with some sambhar or
11 am: one apple or pears
1 pm :Lunch
North Indian : 4 1 Fulka with 2 bowl of vegetable and one bowl of rice with very thin cereal.
South Indian : Rice with rasm or cereal or sambhar with one bowl of vegetables.
5-6 pm Evening Breakfast:
North Indian & South Indian 
:1 cup Tea/Coffee with 4
pes of marigold biscuit, poha or upma.
7pm For Both Indians :1 cup tea/coffee.
8-9 pm Dinner:

North Indian :4 Fulka with 2 howl of green vegetable with 1 bowl of Kaddhi (Kaddhi should be made of less besan)
South Indian : Rice with rasm or cereal and bowl vegetable.
Note : If after taking tea/coffee some milk is lying take this milk at bed time.
Special: As Papaya is having too much potassium so we suggest to intake it in less quantity

 Key Ingredient

 Piper nigrum

Sankh Bhsma

 Piper longum

Sedrus deodara

Praval bhasma

Embelia ribes

Cyprus scarious

Tibullus Territories

Emblica officinalis

Mandur Bhasma

Terminalia chebula

Zingiber officianls

Raphanus sativas

Mukta Sukti Pisti

Boerhavia diffusa

Terminalia bellirica

Kaudi Bhasma

Commiphora Mukul

Operculina turpethum

Potassium carbonate

Raphanus sativa

Mukta Sukti Pisti

Boerhavia diffusa

Terminalia bellirica

Kaudi Bhasma

Commiphora Mukul

Operculina turpethum

Potassium carbonate

Sangey yahud bhasma 

 As it was very typical and chronicle segment I myself join our research team. We gone thru every book on herbal supplement in ayurveda and unani both. After 4 month we got the combination which may act as substitute as kidney so that sufferer’s kidney did not get load of working but along with that we require to get some more herbal supplement which may remove uric acid from sufferer body. After a long study we found that the urine of goat can remove uric acid and also helps kidney to work easily but it was very difficult to suggest to sufferers to drink it as of bad and faint smell.

After a long research we got the formulation of some arqs of herbs named punarnava, makoy and kasni and a combination of these arqs become got all properties as goat urine except bad smell and after giving Dr. Thanki’s kidney care capsule with this mixture (Anupan) we got fantastic result on renal failure sufferers.

Note: It also works on Cortico Medullary Differentiation lost sufferers. In Ayurvedic herbal supplement the product by which the herbal supplement is suggested to intake is called ”Anupan”.

Disclimer:The result may vary from person to person.

From The Desk Of Chairman

As we know that this is self generated problem it is not like malaria which inserted larva inside our body by biting us.The self generated problem are always due to deposit of uric acid. Uric acid is formed by toxic material.

60% renal failure cases are found of diabetes 10% sufferers found who were in taking alcohol in much quantity.20%sufferers were taken pain killer regular.10%unidentified causes but found mostly in that area where water is salty means of high TDS. In some sufferers who were having kidney stone in upper or middle calyx section they also found of hydronephrosis.

As the treatment in medical science is only dialysis which not a treatment to cure because again and again the dialysis should be done in future the gap will be reduced of the days .

I met with some consultant of different path and I was told by them that no any company has research over this segment and if possible try to get research herbal supplement for Renal failure.Some Ayurveda consultant said that the sufferer they are not entertaining as they don’t have supplement as well as they don’t know the investigating of blood of kidney sufferer.

I was also considered why other big Ayurveda companies even don’t go for research herbal supplement for renal failure.I was shocked to hear that previously there were very few sufferer found of renal failure so they don’t come forward.

I got blessing of my guru and started research with my research team in this segment I myself devoted to research herbal supplement for Renal failure and as by the grace of SAI BABA we got it within 8 month and trialed on a sufferer who was diabetic having high creatinine,high blood urea, high uric acid and high cholesterol with less of Hb.

The sufferer taken for 10 days regular as we advised he found a result of high Hb,lower cholestrol,lower cretonne and blood urea, low uric acid and we got it what we want.

To look smart and sexy some teenagers and collegiate students are going gym. After exercise they use to take some protein powder and in some cases it is found as renal failure due to high consumption of protein powder and there condition become so serious that no herbal supplement work on their body. I personally request to those person who are going gym and taking such powder should be cautious and should not take without medical supervision/advice.

As we know that there is too much inflation in the market and it is very difficult to meet out daily expenses. The person living in this modern age always in hurry and having tension to earn more for survival so that cant spend time for their health and got a problem called high blood pressure and it is also a major cause of renal failure.

Generally medical doctors are giving suggestion to transplant the kidney and it cost around 8 lakhs in operating ,one of family member should have to donate his/her kidney. After operation the sufferers herbal supplement will cost around 25-35 thousand per month till alive. Where as our herbal supplement can care and survive the sufferer in less than 15 thousands rupees per month.

So far our this product is applied on thousands of sufferer and found fantastic result even those who  already done 30 dialysis become does not required dialysis after taking our herbal supplement and those who taken for a longer period become don’t require any herbal supplement or dialysis or not even our this herbal supplement it shows that our herbal supplement is working as kidney or form a kidney in future.

By assuming this we have treated a bi coronuate uterus sufferer and as a miracle her uterus become normal.

For this you can see sufferer  reviews of Baby Agarwal .

We have treated a sufferer by name Ramavtar now he is not taking any herbal supplement inclusive of our herbal supplement and become spending a normal life.

Now we are presenting before mankind our research to get benefits of it for Renal failure sufferers as:
Thanki’s Kidney Care Capsule