RAHUL KUMAR-25 Years- Kidney Failure.

Dated : 06-07-2016     Patient Name : Rahul Kumar     Age : 25 years old


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KHERRUNISA-48yrs-Kidney Failure

Dated : 17-06-2015     Patient Name : Kherrunisa     Age : 48 years old

Rend Failure with Echo-texture Increased with C.M.D Lost.

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RAMKARAN GODARA-40yrs-Kidney Cancer

Dated : 29-11-2017     Patient Name : Ramkaran Godara     Age : 40 years old

My name is Ramkaran Godara

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Ram Avtar Nagar-41yrs-Renal Failure Patient

Dated : 13-12-2013     Patient Name : Ram Avtar Nagar     Age : 41 years old

I am ram Avtar Nagar s/o surajmal nagar from sohan kothi,Bikaner. We are three brothers and one sister. My father had heart surgery in ahamdabad. There are no any of disease in my whole family members. My shop is in front of P.B.M hospital,Bikaner and I am work there daily hardly...

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