Nawal Kanwar-36yrs-Gall bladder cancer

Dated : 13-10-2018     Patient Name : Nawal Kanwar     Age : 36 years old

Gall Bladder Cancer

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Ram Kishan-45yrs-Liver Metastatic cancer

Dated : 18-04-2018     Patient Name : Ramkishan     Age : 45 years old

My name is mahipal residing at padisal aged 48yrs i am writing description of my brother in law Sri Ram kishanji residing of Salatpura Bawad aged 45yrs his disease. In 2017 in the month of July he felt pain in stomach we took him to Rewari there Dr Arora saw him given some...

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PARWATI KUMAWAT-65yrs-Liver Cancer

Dated : 02-11-2017     Patient Name : Parwati Kumawat     Age : 65 years old

Cancer, Chronicle Disease, Gall Bladder Cancer, Liver Cancer

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SUMAN KANWAR-21yrs-Gall stone & Leucoria

Dated : 30-05-2017     Patient Name : Suman Kanwar     Age : 21 years old

The lady was too week found in USG Abdomen suffering with Gall stones .

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HANIFA-61 Years-Gall Bladder Cancer

Dated : 30-01-2015     Patient Name : Hanifa     Age : 61 years old

After much pain we met to Dr.Salim. He checked her and admitted in to the hospital and did operation. The doctor turned out to GB and made her Biopsy, which received cancer symptoms. Now doctor sent us to

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KISHORI LAL-76yrs- Stone (Kidney And Gall Bladder)

Dated : 01-09-2014     Patient Name : Kishori Lal     Age : 76 years old

Gall Bladder Cancer, Kidney Stone

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SARDAR SINGH RAJPUROHIT-47yrs-Gall bladder stone with edema

Dated : 11-02-2014     Patient Name : Sardar Singh Rajpurohit     Age : 47 years old

I sardarsingh s/o late sri dhanisingh rajpurohit residi of dist pali village barwa in july 2013 i was having pain in my stomach so i started treatment from patanjali yogpith but i did not get relief so in the month of october i went falna and there i visited Agarwal hospital;...

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MUNI RAM GODARA-55yrs- gall bladder stone

Dated : 11-12-2013     Patient Name : Muni Ram Godra     Age : 55 years old

This patient was already made an heart operation of valve so the medical doctor did not accepted to give treatment for gall bladder contracted and also they denied to operate the gall bladder so he came to us.

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