MANJU DEVI SETHIA-45yrs-(Acute retension of urine-already drilled four times but atlast attempt drilling of urine passage failed)

Dated : 15-08-2014     Patient Name : Manju Devi Sethia     Age : 45 years old

I am Sampat mal sethia aged 47. I am describing the disease and condition for the last 5 years. I am having two children elder is daughter and younger is son. As she married earlier as our custom With me so we both were young and did not required child so early so I have given a...

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VEENA DEVI MAWANI-30Yrs- (taken harmon therapy for child-harmonal inbalance with joint pain and high uric acid)

Dated : 13-08-2014     Patient Name : Veena Devi Mawani     Age : 30 years old

Chronicle Disease, Harmonal Imbalance

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SWATI VERMA-20yrs-(Obesity)

Dated : 30-07-2014     Patient Name : Swati Verma     Age : 20 years old

Harmonal Imbalance, Obesity

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SEEMA YADAV-37years-Thyroid and bleeding from teeth since 2001

Dated : 23-12-2013     Patient Name : Seema Yadav     Age : 37 years old

I am Seema Yadav w/o Vinay Yadav age 36 years from Rewadi, Haryana. I am teacher in i had complaining of bleeding gum from last 10 years. I take advice from many doctors for these problems. They told me that you have payria. Many doctor checked me and gave medicine...

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