NARESH KUMAR-22-Hepatitis B + liver problem

Dated : 18-10-2014     Patient Name : Naresh Kumar     Age : 22 years old

Hazipur, Hepatitis-B, Liver

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RATNESH KUMAR-30yrs-jaws pain and swelling on face

Dated : 05-02-2014     Patient Name : Ratnesh Kumar     Age : 30 years old

I am Ratnesh kumar appointed as devlopment officer in Chhappra Bihar. For the last two years i was having physical problem my face always become having swelling and my jaws were always become painful and i was having a treatment of Dr. udyan narayan ,neurologist and dr. lalit...

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ANANADU RAI-60yrs- Metastatis Oral cancer

Dated : 03-02-2014     Patient Name : Anandu Rai     Age : 60 years old

My name is anandu rai and i am 60 yrs old i found cancer in my mouth so i went to mahavur cancer institute for treatment they have taken some flesh from my cheek and send it mumbai for investigation and the result came that cancer cell are spreaded in my liver and kidney.

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