What Is Arthritis? - Symptoms and causes

What Is Arthritis? - Symptoms and causes


When a person suffers from swelling or tenderness in one or more joints is termed as Arthritis. 

The main symptom of Arthritis is joint pain and stiffness and typically worse in old age.

Generally, in Ayurveda, we divide as per gender. Ladies suffered from leukorrhea at an early age and ignored and did not take treatment properly; she may have this problem.

Gents has no connection with leucorrhoea, but as they got the same leucorian cells when they perform sexual intercourse. In future, they may be a patient of Arthritis.

Arthritis Meaning

Pain in Joint and Stiflness in all joints of the body is termed as Arthritis.

As per Ayurveda if a person has Arthritis and his uric acid level increase, the severity will be more.

Here we must understand we are Aryans and dravids residing in India whereas the parameter denotes the Americans or U.k. persons.

As per Ayurveda, the uric acid level must be less than 3 in Indians both racism.

Psoriatic Arthritis

Those people who have red patches on skin topped with silvery scales means have psoriasis if those people suffer from joint pain are called psoriatic arthritis Patients.

Arthritis Symptoms:-

Acute Joint pain, swelling or tenderness on severe joint pain while working, walking and standing. These type of patient got severe pain in morning and evening.

It affects as inactive personality, so it stops or breaks through the formation of bone.

Reactive Arthritis

When joint pain occurred, due to infection or any kind of diseases of infection, either urinary or intestinal.

Like this, we found a disease name chikungunya the joint pain were of the severe stage.

And even after curing of chikungunya but the reactive joint pain occurred permanently.

Arthritis cure

In the early stage, if it diagnosed, there is a bright chance of its cure.The patient should take proper medicine and follow a strict diet chart.

Sour, spicy, state, junk and fast food should strictly ban in the diet.

Ayurvedic medicine for Arthritis:-

 As till today, there is no medicine in medical science for Arthritis.

Ayurveda has the remedy of it. Even we menu facture Dr Thankis Arthritis Capsule and Dr thanki's Rati Priya oil the combination of these two medicines give 100% result on Arthritis patients. for more detail call us:-+91-935259-50999