Corona Remedies in Ayurveda

Corona Remedies in Ayurveda

What is Corona Remedies in Ayurveda

Corona Remedies in Ayurveda, The world is now facing with viruses which are unknown like HIV VIRUS  Swine Flu Bird flu and these viruses are very crucial.

At present world is facing the extreme problem due to Corona Virus it was first traced in the China and as the crucially of it is such that even by touching an affected person it may send to the other person. No vaccination no remedies yet the world scientist discovered.

All countries on the earth are fear of it. As the bottle neck of flight services are very good in this century so people are easily going to different countries.

Corona Virus Effect on all other countries

So all countries of Europe and south-west Asian and middle east people are fear of spreading Corona in their country as every body is aware and seeing Corona crucially on their social media account like Facebook what's app and so many other platform. Though China Government initially tried not to spread the news when thousand people were started to die the news about Corona virus spreaded throughout the world.

Now all the countries scientist are spreading their test and trying to manufacture vaccine as well as remedies but till to-day no scientist of any country made or get any formulation for Corona Remedies.

Research on remedies of Corona

As in research it is known as all germs viruses and bacteria are made of cells every cell is made of glycoprotein lipoprotein and nucleus. Almost general cells are having as outer layer of glycoprotein layer and the lipoprotein layer in side that there is nucleus.

But in these type of viruses the outer layer is become made of hypo protein. So it is very difficult to dissolve it. So the medical science apply their nitric acid base salts. But they did not success yet.

As we know the virus of HIV is also made of the same type of structure of layer now consider if the outer lypo protein is thick so very difficult to kill.  In our research we found a mosquito of malaria group mosquito name Heliopolis found in upper Assam one of our state in north-east India has same nature as HIV virus and very tough to kill its Larwa so many scientist have tried for killing it but none of a modern science person could make medicine or pesticide to kill those Larwas.

How much tuff of lipoprotein layer of  a cell and have much rapid mitotic cell division capacity hence tough to control to spread and difficult to kill.

Corona Remedies in Ayurveda

As we know in our Ancient therapy by Herbs AND Shrubs and Bhasmas which are 100% organic are having all type of remedies. It is our Indian system of treatment is called as Ayurveda treatment.

We think we are facing this type of problem from last century but it is like so it is from 5000 thousand years people facing after some crucial virus. If you remember Plague was one of them in 19th century when it was spreaded through out world it was declared that it spreaded through rats mice and their species its crucially in 1951 was at extreme after 6 month all has to accept the Ayurveda medicine therapy.

In this 21st century the medical science is showing them advance and giving such name of Virus. As we are testing to produce new animals genes in Laboratory by cross breeding and we are producing an unknown virus and the good personalities are giving name to it. In our Ayurveda we say unidentified virus and yes we have some 100% effective medicine for such type of virus.

Corona Medicine in Ayurveda

As we all know all Herbs shrubs and bhasmas are in organic form simply to say a gift of god. As per our study in Ayurveda we found a single herb or shrub or Bhasmas are working as broad spectrum.

A herb which is used in treat a malarial patient the same herb is working in amoebiasis. We have a medicine prepared by Mamfal leaves has capacity to kill unidentified virus germs and bacteria. It is being trialled on so many patient.

Corona Virus treatment By Ayurveda

We chosen those were sufferer of different type of crucial viruses. Found fantastic result on those patient considering the nature of virus the dose was decided. In the Corona virus remedies we are saying that do not panic Yes there is a treatment in Ayurveda. As these type of  VIRUSES CAN BE KILLED .

The suggested dosages for adult is 4 capsules after every three hours and children 2 capsules after every two hours.

As it is being having emetic property so we have to inject any injection or tablet to prevent vomiting and nausea. Yes there is perfect CORONA REMEDY.

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You can contact me on [email protected]  or can call on +91-9352950999 or what's app on same number you can visit our site our product made of MAMPHAL leaves is Dr Thanki Tum Can Capsule.

Corona Remedies in Ayurveda                            

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What is Corona Effect

As the Corona Virus affects on a human say both gender first of all it attacks on immunity and than very rapid on lungs by chocking wind pipe. Very fast it spreads till the Dr detect it he/she will die.

Better one word 'Prevention is better than cure'.

Start two capsules every day for three times to save you become infected. Our product Dr Thanki Tum can capsule see or website

What is Corona discharge

Better to avoid shaking hands because early no body can understand who is infected. After every performing your duties wash your hands with Dettol or Savlon mixed water.