Dr. Thanki Prostrex powder

Dr. Thanki Prostrex powder


Our medicine is 100% herbal combination and it is useful in all type of urinary disorders like repeated urination, less urine formation, difficulty in urination, repeated urination during night.

This medicine is highly effective on those patients who have swelling or enlarged prostate gland.

We have shown its fantastic effect on such patients who were advise for drilling fter every 2-3 months, some patients who were advised for operation of prostate gland this medicine reduced the size in very short time and they saved to be operated.

The main function of prostate gland in human body is to help reproduction. The function of prostate gland is to prevent mixing of semen with urine. Due to lack of it the human can't produce children. As during sexual intercourse a sticky material excreted from this gland that is prostatic fluid it spreads inside the urinary tube in the penis, which absorbs all urine particles present in penis tube so the semen when passing from the same path semen will not destroy.

It is the mastergland of renal system and highly useful in our body. If there is swelling or enlargement in this gland man cannot pass urine easily.. As a result men have to suffer a lot of urination problem. By using our this herbal medicine the patient's prostate become in normal size means normal ad regain its original dimension.

It is higly effective on sexual debility, weakness and seminal disorders

Note:-  During treatment the patient should avoid more pulses, paneer or protenate products. Take one pcs of fruit every day Apple is the best choice for the patient.

Dosages:-  1 tsp with fresh water after breakfast and dinner.

For best and fast result:- Take this medicine on the palm and suck it slowly and swallow with water

Patents should take:- Light food,more milk and fruit

Avoid:- Alcohal, tobacco,cereals and much protein content

If a person diagnosed this disease at the age of 55 years this medicine helps as caring.