How to live with Corona

How to live with Corona


Dear Reader,
This is Corona age. The humanity on the earth seems to be helpless to fight against the Corona virus. This is not the battle between two people, not even war between two countries, but it is war between humans and invisible enemy. This battle seems to be more crucial than the wars in the past. We will have to mould our lifestyle in such a way that we can live along with the Corona virus. We will have to change our food habits like stale, junk and unhealthy foods to be avoided. One will have to always consider that he/she is Corona positive and with whom he/she is meeting is also a Corona positive. Any item or material exchanged between them would be considered to be infected by the Corona virus. Currency notes and coins also would be considered as carriers of the Corona virus.
Mankind is already adjusted to live with HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Influenza, etc. Though there are vaccines available for these viruses only a few people have taken them. Still people are living without fear. Hence one should not panic and adjust lifestyle to live with Corona.
Research scientists are working hard to make vaccine for corona virus. They will have to take trials on infants, children, young and old people to prove the efficacy of the vaccine and also to prove that there are no side effects. Then only it can be introduced in the market. Till then people can't stay at home, but to adjust by living with Corona virus. People who are suffering from diseases of heart, kidney, asthma, diabetes, etc and old aged people have less immunity will have to take more precautions to fight with Corona virus.

There are two types of cases affected by Corona virus. 

  1. Asymptomatic cases are found in young people who have got good immunity.
  2. Symptomatic cases are found with some symptoms.

The most critical part is that the virus infects the nasal / respiratory system and hence it is traceable only in the swab and not in the blood. The virus is coagulating the blood cells making blood clots in the lungs and chokes up respiration. Medicines are available to make the blood thin but no medicine is available to dissolve blood clots. That is the main cause that after getting the symptoms of breathllessness it is very difficult to save the sufferer.

Our Company is making two medicines.

  1. Dr. Thanki's Immune Booster, which is capable to kill such viruses.
  2. Dr. Thanki's DVT Protector Add on Vitalizer, which has been proved to dissolve the blood clots.

The outer layer of the virus is made up of lipoprotein that is fatty acid compound with protein. The fatty acid attachment can be broken by any alkaline substance. The best and easily available edible alkali is Soda-bi-carb that is Baking soda which can neutralize the fatty acid moiety of the lipoprotein molecule and destroy the structure of the layer, thus killing the virus.
Thus gargling with Soda-bi-carb with lukewarm water can kill the virus in the throat.
Hence one should not panic and adjust lifestyle to live with Corona virus.
To save from Corona virus infection maintain the following:
Physical distance at least 3 feet, wash hands with soap, sanitize palm after every activity, wear mask on face, wear hand gloves while traveling.
Gargle with luke warm water mixed with soda bi carb that is baking soda three times a day
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