Santosh kumar-40yrs-Hepatitis b

Dated : 30-03-2018     Patient Name : Santosh Kumar     Age : 40 years old

Mr Santosh kumar is referred by my patient Raju Rawat he is belong to gwalior .He is suffering with hepatitis b and liver problem.We started treatment 1 year back now he is very near to negative again he took medicine hope he will negative in next few days.

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SASHI BALA SISODIYA -64yrs-Oesteoarthritis

Dated : 02-11-2017     Patient Name : Sashi Bala Sisodiya     Age : 64 years old

Arthirtis, Bone Problem, Gout, Gout & Arthirites, High Level of Uric Acid, Liver Problem, Ostearthritis

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Dated : 02-08-2015     Patient Name : Pramod Kumar Srivastav     Age : 53 years old

IIDM Diabetes with liver enlarge with high tryglyceride and border line

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MOHINI DEVI-50Yrs- (Fatty liver with weight loss and indigestion after malaria)

Dated : 13-08-2014     Patient Name : Mohani Devi     Age : 50 years old

Chronicle Disease, Liver, Liver Problem

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