Mahesh Trivedi-61Yrs-Urinary Bladder Carcinoma-PKD

Dated : 12-11-2017     Patient Name : Mahesh Trivedi     Age : 61 years old

I am Madhvi Trivedi w/o shri Mahesh Trivedi writing about my husband sickness. My husband age is 61yrs old and i got married in 1979. When i married my father in law was expired before it i had my mother in law 3 elder brother in law all married. My father in law died due to...

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Dated : 02-11-2017     Patient Name : Marathi Chandra Wardhan     Age : 63 years old

Arthirtis, Bone Problem, Chronicle Disease, Diabetic, Miracleous, Neuralgia

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KANWARI DEVI-52yrs-ovarian cancer

Dated : 02-11-2017     Patient Name : Kanwari Devi     Age : 52 years old

Miracleous, Ovarian Cancer

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VIRENDRA TAK-35 yrs- Azospermia

Dated : 09-10-2014     Patient Name : Virendra Tak     Age : 35 years old

My Name Is Virendra Taak From Bikaner Rajasthan India. I Have Been Married For 4 Years And 6 Months. And I Have Always Been Trying To Have A Child. But My Wife Is Not Pregnant. During This Year

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Dated : 15-08-2014     Patient Name : Hanuman Prasad Sharma     Age : 45 years old

I am Hanuman s/o Ram Chandra Sharma from village-Bukalsar,Vaya-panipura,Tah-Sardarshahar,Dist-Churu (Raj.) India. Almost 20 years ago from today there was a cyst in my left leg. I have operation of my leg at Govt.Hospital,Pilibanga then almost for 2 years I was fine. After 2...

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CHUNNILAL JOSHI-71Yrs-(Parkinson-Fatty liver-bilateral renal cortical cyst)

Dated : 15-08-2014     Patient Name : Chunni Lal Joshi     Age : 71 years old

This was 1st case of Parkinson in our dispensary. We given him Dr Thanki DVT Protector Add on vitalizer 1tsp three times a day.

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MANJU DEVI SETHIA-45yrs-(Acute retension of urine-already drilled four times but atlast attempt drilling of urine passage failed)

Dated : 15-08-2014     Patient Name : Manju Devi Sethia     Age : 45 years old

I am Sampat mal sethia aged 47. I am describing the disease and condition for the last 5 years. I am having two children elder is daughter and younger is son. As she married earlier as our custom With me so we both were young and did not required child so early so I have given a...

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RANDEEP KUMAR KAURA-(Echotexture of liver parenchyma increased-Fatty Infiltration In Liver)

Dated : 05-08-2014     Patient Name : Randeep Kumar     Age : 67 years old

Disease Description:-Echotexture of liver parenchyma increased-Fatty Infiltration In Liver

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BALDEV SINGH-66Yrs-Oral Sac Carcinoma

Dated : 03-04-2018     Patient Name : Baldev Singh     Age : 66 years old

I am Gurmel singh and my father name is Baldev singh age 65 years from village Mashani dist Hanumangarh. My father has najla disease from last 20 years and without this he has not any big disease in whole life. from the last 10 years he has diabetes and its treatment is going on....

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