Shivasish Bhattacharjee-21yrs-CKD-CRF

Dated : 19-11-2017     Patient Name : Shivasish Bhattacharjee     Age : 21 years old

My name is Bijan Bhattacharya residing Howrah West Bengal s/o Late Mihir kumar Bhattacharjee i am 52 yrs old.  I am the only son of my father my father was a smoker but he left after diagnosed of chest cancer. At the age of 85 he died of a heart stroke we could not pick him to...

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BHOMIK MAWANI - 13 yrs -One kidney Absent by birth

Dated : 25-04-2017     Patient Name : Bhomika Mawani     Age : 13 years old

1 kidney by birth, Chronicle Disease, Kidney Failure, Uncategorized

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RAVI KUMAR - 22 yrs - kidney Patient

Dated : 15-04-2017     Patient Name : Ravi Kumar     Age : 22 years old

1 kidney by birth, CRF, Kidney Failure, PKD, Renal Failure

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JASBIR SINGH-33YRS-Kidney Patient

Dated : 02-10-2014     Patient Name : Jasbir Singh     Age : 33 years old

Having One Kidney-Cortical echotextan slightly increased- CMD Lost- (No Dialysis)

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DHARMANSHU SHARMA-12Yrs-(Small Size Left Kidney With Normal CMD-Hypoplastic left kidney)

Dated : 06-08-2014     Patient Name : Dharmansu Sharma     Age : 12 years old

1 kidney by birth, Kidney Failure

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