Dinesh Kumar Lakhotia-31yrs-CKD-Kidney failure

Dated : 08-01-2018     Patient Name : Dinesh Kumar     Age : 31 years old

I Dinesh Lakhotia S/O Sri sunder lallji Lakhitia aged 31Yrs at present residing at Chennai. My childhood was spent in Bikaner and studied in home town and my childhood spent as normal children. In childhood i was quite healthy never met with any crucial disease. We are two...

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Mahesh Trivedi-61Yrs-Urinary Bladder Carcinoma-PKD

Dated : 12-11-2017     Patient Name : Mahesh Trivedi     Age : 61 years old

I am Madhvi Trivedi w/o shri Mahesh Trivedi writing about my husband sickness. My husband age is 61yrs old and i got married in 1979. When i married my father in law was expired before it i had my mother in law 3 elder brother in law all married. My father in law died due to...

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SASHI BALA SISODIYA -64yrs-Oesteoarthritis

Dated : 02-11-2017     Patient Name : Sashi Bala Sisodiya     Age : 64 years old

Arthirtis, Bone Problem, Gout, Gout & Arthirites, High Level of Uric Acid, Liver Problem, Ostearthritis

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RAM PAL SINGH-62yrs-neck cancer-oral tumor

Dated : 25-10-2017     Patient Name : Ram Pal Singh     Age : 62 years old

After 2.9.14 the tumor was totally destroyed he taken another course of 45 days . Now he did not have any problem.

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PARITOSH PATHAK-44yrs-high uric acid-stone in both kidney

Dated : 24-10-2014     Patient Name : Paritosh Pathak     Age : 44 years old

The patient yet not come back again but feeling better

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KHET SINGH-27Yrs-Liver problem,urinary infection

Dated : 30-05-2017     Patient Name : Khet Singh     Age : 27 years old

The patient came with a problem of pain in testicles. Reported as liver problem general weakness and high uric acid .

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KAUSHLYA DEVI-55YRS-kidney failure-two times kidney transplanted chronicle case of renal failure

Dated : 12-10-2016     Patient Name : Kaushlya Devi     Age : 55 years old

Chronicle Disease, High Level of Uric Acid, Kidney Failure, Renal Failure

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REENA OJHA-37 Years-Kidney Failure

Dated : 11-09-2016     Patient Name : Reena Ojha     Age : 37 years old

CKD, CRF, High Level of Uric Acid, Kidney Failure, Renal Failure

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AMAN DEEP-25 Years-High Uric Acid

Dated : 31-07-2016     Patient Name : Aman Deep     Age : 25 years old


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SHANTI DEVI DAMA-32yrs-Gout And Arthirites

Dated : 18-10-2014     Patient Name : Shanti Devi     Age : 32 years old

SHANTI DEVI DAMA Arthirtis, Gout & Arthirites, High Level of Uric Acid

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CHUNNILAL JOSHI-71Yrs-(Parkinson-Fatty liver-bilateral renal cortical cyst)

Dated : 15-08-2014     Patient Name : Chunni Lal Joshi     Age : 71 years old

This was 1st case of Parkinson in our dispensary. We given him Dr Thanki DVT Protector Add on vitalizer 1tsp three times a day.

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ABHAY KUMAR KAURA-40yrs-Echotexture of liver parenchyma increased-Fatty Infiltration In Liver)

Dated : 05-08-2014     Patient Name : Abhay Kumar Kaura     Age : 40 years old

Diabetic, High Cholestrol, High Level of Uric Acid

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