Asthma Facts : Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, & More

Asthma Facts : Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, & More

What is Ashtma

When the airways become swell or narrow, it produces extra mucus. It makes difficulties in breathing and trigger coughing, and when taking a breath a whistling sound (wheezing) creates, there will be shortness of breath. It is enough to puzzle one life when Asthma persists the activity like outdoor play, swimming and this type of physical activity hampers. 

Even we found it damages or interrupted married life also, Ther person who has Asthma can't hear the activity of sex.

The sufferer should keep medicine or pump or any apparatus suggested by dr because this may attack anywhere in any condition. 

As per Ayurved, Asthma means loss of 75% ability of a person.

Symptoms of Asthma:-

Coughing this is the first symptom as the (cough) mucus produces continuously which cause of coughing.

A Whistling squeaky sound produces when taking breathes because airways become swell or narrow. 

Shortness of breath it is the common symptom because when airways narrow or swell, so lungs cant intake oxygen required canty hence the shortness of breath observed.

Rapid Breathing or fast Breathing as we know lung intake fresh air and after filtration get oxygen and also supply oxygen heart but as the lungs take less oxygen so supply less to heart and it results in rapid Breathing.  

Chest tightness when lung has to work more to intake oxygen, so it gives chest tighten. These are some common symptoms.

Patient of Asthma gets relief when sitting and tilted upper part ahead this posture gives some comfort in asthmatic condition.

Types of Asthma:-

Generally, after the age of 60 were found, all organs are working slowly; hence the working fo lungs become decrease and cause person asthmatic.

Allergic Asthma:-

Some person has dust, cold, smoke, fog and cloud allergies, and when they found such condition atmosphere, they got an asthmatic condition. 

Cardiac Asthma:-

In Some cases, we found that the patient does not feel asthmatic condition though there is too cold weather, as they climbed stairs or walk for along they found Asthmatic condition. We have a remedy for these type of Asthma patient our Dr Thanki's  Asthma Powder and Dr Thanki's Dvt Protector add on vitalizer the combination of these two products helps fast. In other Asthma, our one product is enough Dr Thanki Asthma Powder.

COPD or Emphysema:-

Due to excess pollution or regular smoking of tobacco products left tar in lungs and the contracts on and relaxation capacity of lungs reduced due to tar, so this type of Asthma is called as very crucial, and its attack can take the life of the patient.

Child Asthma:-

In Very Few Cases some child, if they did not get proper air circulation in the womb or their mother intaken some antibiotics in pregnancy, the child become suffer from Asthma. It is a crucial situation for parents. In modern science, they provide some pumps inhalers or nebulizer, and they all consist of toxic substance because it consists of steroids.

We dealt so many suck patient and got 100% success by our product Dr Thankis Asthma powder you can see on

In the Child Asthma case, we give one tsp mix with honey time a day for regular ten days then stop tirl asthma attack reoccur from that day again for 90 days standard. We observe gradually the number of days increase of reoccurrence and around two years or two and a half years it correctly cures. So as we understood, there is no permanent treatment in allopath of Asthma either of any type, but in Ayurveda, it is the sure Shot treatment of Asthma.

Diet and Maintenance:-

The patient should wear socks at night and should cover feet by blankets. 

The patient should avoid ice cream, curd, pickles, soy fruits and vegetables. The patient should avoid to keep himself in deep sunlight and darkness—an excess of walking or moving fast in dangerous.

Should climb stairs slowly to avoid attacks patient if smoking should stop immediately and should avoid sitting nearby smoker.

We found some persons are taking alcohol, and they say we feel some comfort, but in the long run, it will damage totally. 

In so many cases, we found those who are doing pranayam and yoga are better than an average person; the anulom whilom, and deep breathing exercises are very good for asthmatics patients.

We produce such combination of herbs that is just all in one for Asthma of any type in any weather any atmosphere but make a paste with honey and lick it slowly. Those who can take this way they can prepare kadha of it.

To prepare syrup for cough and congestion, you can make at home. 

The customer an fully satisfied as they got it with a cheap rate, and 100% good quality result oriented.

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