Treatment of Corona Virus

All viruses consist of protein cover layer and inner nucleus. The corona virus reproduces when come in contact with host cells.

Structure of virus:

  1.  Glycoprotein layer
  2.  Lypoprotein layer
  3.  Nuecleus

Almost  viruses are found to contain Glycoprotein as outer layer and Lypoprotein as inner layer, but in the corona virus the outer layer is Lypoproteiin layer which is very difficult to destroy to kill the virus.

Researchers from our company have successfully found the herbal medicine for this virus from our world renowned Ayurveda medicine in the name of Dr. Thanki’s Immune Booster.

Our  product is a combination of three herbs in which each herb has a specific role to destroy the  three major parts of the structure of  the virus..


Key Ingredients

  • Gymnema Sylvestre
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Curcuma Longa


Line of Action on Virus:

Tribulus Terrestis has got such biochemical which can destroy outer protein cover easily.

Saponin Glycosides:-

  1. Diogenin
  2. Rucogenin
  3. Gitogenin



  1.  Harmine
  2. Harman                    

C. Flavone glycoside:-

  1. Disogenin ---steroidal saponin(4-6%)
  2. Enzyme Sapoginase
  3. Glycoides and phenolic compond

These chemical are found in this herb alone Disogenin ---steroidal sapponin is capable of reacting and dissolving the Lypoprotein layer.

Gymnema Sylvestre has some bio chemicals which can destroy the inner protein layer as glycoprotein layer.





Tartric acid

Formic acid

Butyric acid




Gymnemic acid

Anthroquinone deravatives

Triterpene Saponin

Only Gymnemic acid has capacity to dissolve inner protein layer made of glycoprotein.

Curcuma Longa is well known as antibiotic which destroy the nucleus.