Skin psoriasis treatment

Patient are very less, so it is not a common disease.

We got a patient Rajendra Kumar Sharma a skin psoriasis patient who treated himself by so many Dr. Of different paths.

One of his relatives, Dr. A B Tiwari, advised him to come to us.

We have seen all the cases as advised by our Dr. He made a test of CD4 count in which found abnormal high CD3 count.

Our company Dr. Applied combination of three medicines to him and found fantastic results within 24 hrs. Name of those medicine written as below:

  1. Dr. Thanki’s Tum Can capsule

Dr. Thanki’s 

  1. Can Rose Capsule


  1. Immune Booster

As we did not treated so many patients, so it is very difficult to say that yes we can handle all patients of skin psoriasis.