Dinesh Verma-38yrs-R A FACTOR POSITIVE

Dated : 04-07-2018     Patient Name : Dinesh Verma     Age : 38 years old

Arthirtis, Gout, Gout & Arthirites, R A Positive, Uncategorized

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Sulochna devi Jat-29yrs-Gall bladder stone

Dated : 06-01-2018     Patient Name : Sulochana Devi Jat     Age : 29 years old

This is a refer patient by Bhiyaram godara as she is relative of him and she is suffering with Gall stone with high level of uric acid and muscular pain due to leucoria. For the last three years she went to different Dr they advised to remove gall bladder as her age is only 29yrs...

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MOHAN LALL MUNDHRA-66yrs-enlarged prostate-e coli

Dated : 02-11-2017     Patient Name : Mohan Lal Mundhra     Age : 66 years old

Arthirtis, Bone Problem, Chronicle Disease, Diabetic, E-Coli, Gout, Prostate, Uncategorized

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SASHI BALA SISODIYA -64yrs-Oesteoarthritis

Dated : 02-11-2017     Patient Name : Sashi Bala Sisodiya     Age : 64 years old

Arthirtis, Bone Problem, Gout, Gout & Arthirites, High Level of Uric Acid, Liver Problem, Ostearthritis

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SATPAL SHARMA - 32 yrs - Arthritis - liver and kidney Disease

Dated : 30-03-2017     Patient Name : Satpal Sharma     Age : 32 years old

The patient camr to us 5 years back complaining of gastric and acidity that time our dr suggested to take half tea spoon before lunch and dinner and shivakshar pachan churn half tsp after lunch and dinner. After 6 month he was alright again he got the same problem but he did not...

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RAVINDRA GUPTA- 50 yrs- Gout and Arthirites

Dated : 31-12-2016     Patient Name : Ravindra Gupta     Age : 50 years old

Arthirtis, Chronicle Disease, DVT, Gout & Arthirites, Uncategorized

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AKHILESH PAGARE-43yrs-Rhumotoid fever since birth and diagnosed with abcess gland in left leg

Dated : 08-11-2016     Patient Name : Akhilesh Pagare     Age : 43 years old

Arthirtis, Gout, Gout & Arthirites

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KRISHNA RAO-60 Years-Athirtis Patient

Dated : 05-09-2016     Patient Name : Krishna Rao     Age : 60 years old

Arthirtis, Bone Problem, Gout

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SUSHILA DEVI GARG-68 Years-Steroid

Dated : 02-05-2015     Patient Name : Sushila Devi     Age : 68 years old

Pneumatic lungs-Week lungs(Functioning 14%) heart enlarge-Steroid dependent.

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SHANTI DEVI DAMA-32yrs-Gout And Arthirites

Dated : 18-10-2014     Patient Name : Shanti Devi     Age : 32 years old

SHANTI DEVI DAMA Arthirtis, Gout & Arthirites, High Level of Uric Acid

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PEMI DEVI-35yrs-(acute arthritis patient with high uric acid)

Dated : 13-08-2014     Patient Name : Pemi Devi     Age : 35 years old

As the patient was not educated and of a poor family we dont investigated much we simply test two parameters and found uric acid high.

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VIMLA DEVI PODDAR-64yrs-(Osteoporosis With Edema and Developed In Bone & Eyes)

Dated : 05-08-2014     Patient Name : Vimla Devi Poddar     Age : 64 years old

Chronicle Disease, Gout & Arthirites, Ostearthritis

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