Rajesh Prasad

Dated : 20-05-2019     Patient Name : Rajesh Prasad     Age : 48 years old


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Rajender kumar sathia

Dated : 19-05-2019     Patient Name : rajender kumar sethia     Age : 64 years old

Kidney Failure

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Dated : 04-05-2019     Patient Name : shankar lal sharma     Age : 60 years old


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Nawal Kanwar-36yrs-Gall bladder cancer

Dated : 13-10-2018     Patient Name : Nawal Kanwar     Age : 36 years old

Gall Bladder Cancer

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Ritesh Kumar Vashishta-46Yrs-Blood Cancer-Myelocytes&Meta Myelocytes

Dated : 11-09-2018     Patient Name : Ritesh Kumar Vashishta     Age : 46 years old

Blood Cancer, Cancer, Uncategorized

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Rajendra singh-28yrs-CKD-KIDNEY PATIENT

Dated : 23-08-2018     Patient Name : Rajendra Singh     Age : 28 years old

My name is Rajendra singh s/o late jagdish chowdhry of Ghaziabad. I was suffered with severe headache one year back after 3 days i visited to a Dr for check up my BP

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Nikita Bhatanagar-40Yrs-CKD-Kidney patient

Dated : 19-08-2018     Patient Name : Nikita Bhatanagar     Age : 40 years old

Myself neeraj Bhatnagar husband of Nikita bhatnagar who is undergoing treatment of kidney from 18.08.18 i am residing at gurgaon. we blessed with two kids elder daughter and younger son .From last few years she is suffering with Asthma and in the second half of 2017 year she got...

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Radhey Shyam-52yrs-CKD-Kidney patient

Dated : 10-08-2018     Patient Name : Radhey Shyam     Age : 52 years old

CKD, Kidney Failure, Kidney Stone, Prostate, Uncategorized

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Sarabjeet Kaur-42yrs-Post cancer treated

Dated : 10-08-2018     Patient Name : Sarabjeet Kaur     Age : 42 years old

I sarabjeet kaur aged 42years w/o Gurdeep singh residing at Ghadsana dist.Sri Ganganagar.In my family my aunty BHUAJI died of cancer she was having tumor in head.My grand father also died with cancer he was having in food pipe.My father was suffering with liver cancer.All of...

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Mohammed Jafar-40yrs-kidney patient=echotexture increased cmd preserved

Dated : 17-07-2018     Patient Name : Mohammed Jafar     Age : 40 years old

I Md zafar S/O Md sarwar residing at dist warangal.My age is 39 yrs . In December 2017 i met with some problem of heart i

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Ram Avtar-75Yrs-urinary bladder cancer-prostate cancer

Dated : 17-07-2018     Patient Name : Ram Avtar     Age : 75 years old

the patient came first time yet no any reviews got from him next time when he will visit we will get reviews over phone his son says he is feeling better now

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Satya prakash singh-40yrs-oral cancer-mouth cancer

Dated : 12-07-2018     Patient Name : Satya Prakash Singh     Age : 40 years old

Abnormalities In Uterus (Bi Coronative Uterus), Cancer, Oral Cancer, Uncategorized

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Milkh Raj Arora-68Yrs-esophagus cancer -oral cancer

Dated : 12-07-2018     Patient Name : Milkh Raj Arora     Age : 68 years old

Cancer, Mouth Cancer, Oesophagus Cancer, Oral Cancer, Uncategorized

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Satpal Goyal-50yrs-Esophagus cancer-oral cancer

Dated : 04-07-2018     Patient Name : Satpal Gopal     Age : 50 years old

My name is satpal goel and i belong to Abohar i found blockage in food pipe i went to Max Hospital at Sri Ganganagar they operated and removed tumors and sent it for test to mumbai where report found of food pipe cancer.

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Dinesh Verma-38yrs-R A FACTOR POSITIVE

Dated : 04-07-2018     Patient Name : Dinesh Verma     Age : 38 years old

Arthirtis, Gout, Gout & Arthirites, R A Positive, Uncategorized

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Nidhi Pandey-27yrs-Gall Bladder Stone

Dated : 04-07-2018     Patient Name : Nishi Pandey     Age : 27 years old

Cholelithiasis, Gall Bladder Stone, Uncategorized

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