Precaution is better to away from the corona

Precaution is better to away from the corona

Herbal Ayurdic Precaution Remedies for Corona

You all know that there is an outbreak of the Coronavirus in the country. And the speed of its spread is very fast. And this virus has caught millions of men.
Yet no country has a cure for it; rescue is a cure.


What is the immune system and why need a strong immune system for coronavirus

What is Immue system and why need strong immune system for coronavirus
Brother or sister who is above 50 years of age, their Immunity is low, and to increase their Immunity, we have prepared medicine with a mixture of herbs, which increases the immune system of such people, and they infected with the Coronavirus. The chance of it decreases.

For those who are in the initial stage, this mixture can kill the virus.

Contact for Immune Booster

You can ask for our medicine by courier.
The name of this medicine is Dr. Thanki Immune Booster.
After seeing the magnitude of this disease, we have decided to reduce the price by 25%.

This medicine is available in a 100-gram pouch pack, which will last 15 days, one tablespoon of it is to take with black water in the morning.
That is, the dose of one month of medicine will be two packets.

For those who are less than fifty years old and suffering from cold, fever, cough, sneezing, this drug is also a boon, and if the Coronavirus enters their body, then they will be destroyed.
You can send your address to the mobile number below through WhatsApp or text message.

+91 -9352950999
Rescue is the cure for the present situation.

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