Manju Devi Sethia

Manju Devi Sethia
Story Title : MANJU DEVI SETHIA-45yrs-(Acute retension of urine-already drilled four times but atlast attempt drilling of urine passage failed)
Patient Age : 45 years old
Date : 15-08-2014

Patient Detail

Name Age Address
Manju Devi Sethia 45 Gangasharar, Bikaner

Disease Discription

Retention of urine


Treatment Given:-

Treatment Given:-
1.Dr.Thanki's Kidney Care Capsule:- 3cap x 4time a day=12cap daily with 'Anupan'made by our 'Trio Herbal Extract:- 500ml daily.
2.Chandra Prabhavati:- 2tab each time (Morning & Evening)=4tab daily.
3.Advice:- Strictly Follow Diet Chart


MANJU DEVI SETHIA-45yrs-(Acute retension of urine-already drilled four times but atlast attempt drilling of urine passage failed)


Reviews of Sampat Mal Sethia On Behalf Of His Wife Manju Devi Sethia
I am Sampat mal Sethia, aged 47. I am describing the disease and condition for the last five years. I have two children. The elder is the daughter, and the younger is the son. As she married earlier as our custom With me, we both were young and did not require a child, so before, I have given a tablet to get rid of pregnancy at the age of 18years and six months. My wife age, but I felt sorry for this, so Dr Sudhajain advises some injections to conceive a baby again after two years and six months.

She again conceived, and this time by the grace of God, a got a female child. Now, after three years also, my wife Conceived, and I got a son. After that, we have around 20 years of happy married life, but she was clamming of burring in urine passing before six years. She was having a urine retention problem and was operated on to eliminate the drilling process's situation. After 2-3 years again, I have to carry her for drilling as urine retention. At last, drilling was unsuccessful, and she got a problem of retention of urine. The path was blocked.

I felt helpless, but I prayed to God, and one of my sons-in-law met me I explained to him the problem, so he took me to "Vishla Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.Old Jail Road, Bikaner" on 18-03-2014. I explained every situation to the DoctorDoctor. They just gave us three capsules of Dr Thankis Tum Can cap and her urine under pressure and removed along with stool in the inner garment.

Then DoctorDoctor advised giving one capsule three times a day, which we are regularly giving some 20 days back we stopped medicine by the Advised of Doctor. Still, we found the same problem again, so we started the same also, and I am continuing it regularly.


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Date:- 13.10.2014 Sampat Mal Sethia


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