Story Title : HANIFA-61 Years-Gall Bladder Cancer
Patient Age : 61 years old
Date : 30-01-2015

Name Age Address
Hanifa 60 Pugal, Bikaner

Disease Description:- Gall Bladder 2nd Stage.

Treatment Given:-
Dr. Thanki's Tumcan Capsules:- 4cap x 3times a day.
Kachnaar Guggule :- 4cap x 3 times a day.
Treatment Started From 27 Jan 2015


Gall Bladder Cancer Patient Review:-


Review From Rafiq On Behalf Of His Wife Haneefa


Almost one year ago, Dr.Ashish Joshi treated her, and his medicine was fair means; their medicine cured her.


Forty-five days ago, abdominal pain began. We took her to PBM Hospital, Bikaner, and showed them to Dr.Sitaram Gadhwal in the outdoor visit. The doctor did USG and blood tests, and after reports, the doctor advised us for Operation, but we did not have the Operation.


After much pain, we met Dr.Salim. He checked her and admitted them into the hospital and did an operation. The doctor turned out to GB and made her Biopsy, which received cancer symptoms. Now doctor sent us to "Acharya Tulsi Cancer Center. When we went there, they told us that" come after opening the stitches of the Operation."


During this period, our relative told us to advise a doctor of "Vishla AgroTech Pvt. Ltd. Bikaner. In Dated 27.01.2015, we took the doctor's direction, and treatment started with the blessing of Allah.


The doctor gave us medicine like below:-

Dr. Thanki's Tumcan Capsule: - 4cap x 3 times a day.

Kachnar Guggle: - 4 cap x 3times a day.


Without this, he gave us some medicine for lever & Triglyceride because her SGOT & SGPT were high.


We did a CA test of her as per the doctor's advice. After reports, it came 510, which was too high. As per reports, it proves that cancer cells may be on another palace of the body because creatinine came 1.1 and aluminum found in uric acid. So it would seem, GB's cancer is little effect on the kidneys.


Further experience will write next time.








Gall Bladder Cancer Patient Reports:-