Muni Ram Godra

Muni Ram Godra
Story Title : MUNI RAM GODARA-55yrs- gall bladder stone
Patient Age : 55 years old
Date : 11-12-2013




Patient Review:-

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This patient was already made an heart operation of valve so the medical doctor did not accepted to give treatment for gall bladder contracted and also they denied to operate the gall bladder so he came to us. We have seen all reports and decided to give him medicine on 28.04.2013 our doctor suggested to take medicine as mentioned below:-

Cap.-Cytozane – 1-1-1 (Ayurvedic Cap.Made by Charak Sahinta)

Dr.Thankis Liver care powder: - ½ tsp mix with water and lit it to settle in night and take early morning empty stomach.

If there is pain in stomach advised for ½ tsp. Kaulanji beed (Onion seed)with water.

Tab. A nkamin-1/2 tab while going to bed.

Dr.Thankis stone powder:- As mentioned in leaf.

After 7 days given :-

Syp. Sorbiline -2 tsp three times a day.

On 3.07.2013 sonography shows gall bladder appears normal and the gall stone visualised as measuring 4.2mm.

Palace:-Bikaner                                                              -: From:-

Date:- 13.10.2014                                                        Munni Ram Godara




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