Sardar Singh Rajpurohit

Sardar Singh Rajpurohit
Story Title : SARDAR SINGH RAJPUROHIT-47yrs-Gall bladder stone with edema
Patient Age : 47 years old
Date : 11-02-2014

Gall Bladder Patient Self Review:-

I Sardar Singh s/o late Sri Dhani Singh Rajpurohit resided of dist pali village Barwa in July 2013. I was having pain in my stomach, so I started treatment from Patanjali Yogpith, but I did not get relief. So in October, I went Falna, and there I visited Agarwal hospital; where after sonography detected gall bladder stone. I consulted dr Vyas Ji he gave me some medicine to get relief in pain but advised me to operate gall bladder he said as stone cant come out, so you have to remove the gall bladder. 

I went Bikaner, but suddenly for some work, I have to go back to Virar, and on 14th October, I did not get the relief I went to Sanjeevani hospital in Virar, Mumbai. They again have taken the USG abdomen and declared gall bladder stone and oedema in the gall bladder. 
After listening to that report, I worried that Mr Vikas Rajpurohit advised me to come to Bikaner immediately. 

I came to Bikaner on 20th October and visited Vishla Agrotech PVT ltd where dr see all reports and advised me to take Medicine Dr Thanki's stone powder for three months, along with some diet restriction and again go for sonography. 

I have regularly taken a medicine on 1.2.2014 I went for USG abdomen and found there is no gall bladder stone nor any oedema. I have a problem of acidity only and again the stone should not form, so he advised me to take this medicine for six months













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