Story Title : Ram Kishan-45yrs-Liver Metastatic cancer
Patient Age : 45 years old
Date : 18-04-2018

Patient Reviews: My name is mahipal residing at padisal aged 48yrs i am writing description of my brother in law Sri Ram kishanji residing of Salatpura Bawad aged 45yrs his disease.

In 2017 in the month of July he felt pain in stomach we took him to Rewari there Dr Arora saw him given some medicine after some investigation but did not get relief from those medicine so we took him to Jaipur there we went to Dr Nepalia he again investigated than found block in between stomach than we admitted to santokba durlabhji hospital there they put a stent and he feel ok but after 2 month it again chocked we took him to again Dr that time he again put a stent in stomach than we given 3 cycle of chemotheraphy after chemo the situation become worst he stopped eating his Hb become low at that time one Pandit suggested to go to Bikaner to Dr kochar we took him to dr kochar .

Dr kochar done some blood test and said the side effect of chemotheraphy occured he gave his ayurvedic medicine  for 16 days and ask us to come back. Gradually his condition was improving he could now eat properly but he felt some feverish on 24th we came to Bikaner again Dr Kochar again tested some blood reports found uric acid absolute normal but found thyphoid fever he started treatment of fever and given medicine for 37 days.His Hb increases almost 3 point from to day he advised to take 8 capsule a day. We now confident that by the medicine of Dr Kochar he may cure very soon.

signature Mahipal dated 24.4.18

My name is pawankumar residing at muloki aged 36 years i am writing description about uncle in law sri ram kishan we came on 24.04.18 and taken medicine for 35 days by which he felt very better result . After taking medicine from here he can eat properly his weight is increasing and reports are also very good and it is a happy news for all of our family members.To day on 28.05.2018 we again came here the reports are fine so we took medicine for 50 days .We hope some rays from Dr kochar treatment.