Dr. Thankis Blood Purifier Capsule

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t works in any kind of hormonal imbalance in the human body. It maintains hormones; hence it is very useful in thyroid. We have observed during our research, that the cause of self generated diseases, like Cancer, High BP, Kidney problems, Stones, etc. are due to hormonal imbalance, or due to enzymatic imbalance, in both men and women.

  • Herbal Ayurvedic Medicine for Hormonal Imbalance & Thyroid

    It works in any hormonal imbalance in the human body. It maintains hormones; hence it is beneficial in the thyroid. 

    It has been observes that Enzymatic and Hormonal Imbalance may support in generation of diseases/disorders like Cancer, High BP, Renal problems, Stones, etc. 

    Our hebal capsules can also be taken as preventive measure to control such self generated disorders.

    Also, if such kind of self generated disorders are already active, then Dr. Thanki's Blood Purifier Capsule will not only prevent for it's further development but also helps to heal unhealthy cells or any infection in the body.

    For Treatment of Thyroid:

    Combination of our 3 Herbal Products are suggested:

    Dr. Thanki's Blood Purifier capsule: 

    Dr. Thankj's DVT Protect Add on Vitalizer. 

    Dr. Thanki's Liver care Powder: 


    As directed by medical practitioner.


    Key Ingredient

    Azadirachta Indica

    From The Desk Of Chairman

    It is well known fact that toxicity present in blood may cause crucial health issues.

    As per researches and Ancient Indian Medical Shastras, Azadirachta Indica leaves have significant properties helping in removal of toxics from the body.

    It is suitable for everyone. It does not bring any change in internal body temperature.

    As per Ayurveda, it is the most prominent nature's gift for mankind to balance hormones in both sexes and to control viral and other infections.

    Note: Azadirachta Indica should not be given to a pregnant woman in any case.

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