Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh Kumar
Story Title : Dinesh Kumar Lakhotia-31yrs-CKD-Kidney failure
Patient Age : 31 years old
Date : 08-01-2018

patient Reviews: I Dinesh Lakhotia S/O Sri sunder lallji Lakhitia aged 31Yrs at present residing at Chennai. My childhood was spent in Bikaner and studied in home town and my childhood spent as normal children. In childhood i was quite healthy never met with any crucial disease. We are two brothers and two sisters my elder sister and younger sister both married and spending well married life with their family. Before just my marriage my father got heart attack and his dependent on medicine but controlled.

My younger brother is working as job in Jodhpur and he is unmarried. He is well with good health. I was married on May 2014 and as after marriage my job was in Chennai so i was shifted to Chennai.I am an accountant there in a jewelry shop and i was doing well in my job there. In October 2014 one day i was at home i felt some nausea and started vomiting my wife and relatives took me to hospital near by my house there diagnosed as high blood pressure they gave some medicine and discharge me and told me to take rest. The very next day i again went to hospital to check up they admitted me in emergency ward after investigating all they found there is problem in kidney that time my serum creatinine level was 4.4 they took me three days isn ICU after 3 days Dr prescribed some medicine and ask me to continue and i was taking medicine regular. But gradually my creatinine increases on 20th December 2017 i came to Bikaner to meet my parents.As all family members were aware about my problem one of my brother in law took me to Dr R k kochar clinic he advised some test and Usg Abdomen in which it is found my both kidney totally damaged and my Creatinine level was more than 14 blood urea was more than 200 he admitted in his clinic and started medicines to control my blood pressure which is now well control but creatinine still 12.9 he stopped all medicines which i was taking and made a fresh prescription. M y Hb is increasing and feeling some better i hope i may be alive without dialysis as there were a lot patients whom Dr Kochar treated and they are spending life without dialysis with good health. I will write more experience in future.