Paritosh Pathak

Paritosh Pathak
Story Title : PARITOSH PATHAK-44yrs-high uric acid-stone in both kidney
Patient Age : 44 years old
Date : 24-10-2014

The patient yet not come back again but feeling better

Treatment given:

tab zyloric 100mg 1 tab twice a day for 10 days than continue tzb zyloric 100mg 1 tab daily
cap ecosprin gold 20mg at bed time
tab Nitrocorton 2.4mg daily at 3 pm
Dr thanki's Dvt protector Add on vitalizer 1 tsp three times a day
Dr thanki Asthma powder 3/4 tsp twice a day with honey
Tab urimax .04mg 1 at bed time
tab nebi  5mg morning after breakfast
tab nebi h evening


PARITOSH PATHAK-44yrs-high uric acid-stone in both kidney Reports