Seema Yadav

Seema Yadav
Story Title : SEEMA YADAV-37years-Thyroid and bleeding from teeth since 2001
Patient Age : 37 years old
Date : 23-12-2013

 Patient Review:-

Review from Seema Yadav

I am Seema Yadav w/o Vinay Yadav age 36 years from Rewadi, Haryana. I am teacher in i had complaining of bleeding gum from last 10 years. I take advice from many doctors for these problems. They told me that you have payria. Many doctor checked me and gave medicine for this and also said that It can not be cured completely so you have to take medicine as per rules. After taking Allopathic medicine began to lose my appetite and there was a bitter taste in mouth so i could not take medicine regularly. In September 2013 fever came and after some time it changed in to typhoid.  After 15 days fever gone. My blood pressure was low and cold seemed even more. Instead of the body and the soles of my feet were much cooler. Some time i felt pain in my head. i had problem of thyroid from 2001. I also take homeopathic medicine for some time but i stopped it after.

After 6 month while i tested then found out thyroid again so i take medicine from baba ramdev ashram and my thyroid was cure. Now i tested time to time. Menstruation comes to me for two days and it comes to nominal. My weight was increased day by day And minimize menstrual blood.

So my relative advised us for go to “Vishla Agro Tech (P) Ltd, Bikaner. So we went there and share my all problem with doctor. He heared me carefully and tested my blood and urine and gave medicine.

Today on dated 21 December 2013 i came back to Vishla Agro Tech (P) Ltd, Bikaner.  and share my all experience during treatments with doctor. A few days after taking the medication had me cough but it was cure from home treatment. Medicines closed my gums bleeding and stomach stayed clear. When I was up before dawn blood was visible in the gums. Today my blood pressure is normal.




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