Ram Avtar Nagar

Ram Avtar Nagar
Story Title : Ram Avtar Nagar-41yrs-Renal Failure Patient
Patient Age : 41 years old
Date : 13-12-2013

This patient is fine now without medicine the renal system is formed as substitute in his body.

Ram Avtar Nagar 41yrs Renal Failure Patient Review:-

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I am Ram Avtar Nagar s/o Surajmal Nagar from Sohan Kothi, Bikaner; We are three brothers and one sister. My father had heart surgery in ahamdabad. There is no disease in my whole family members. My shop is in front of P.B.M hospital, Bikaner and I are work there daily hardly without any problems. I woke-up daily at 5 am and do work at 10 pm.


One day I felt that gravel fall in my eyes and started itching in the eyes. So I went to an eye specialist, and he advised me to go to a physician's. While I went to physicians, then he started medicine of high B.P. I stopped that medicine after taken 2-3 days, and I unremembered that I have a High B.P problem. 


Suddenly, one day, I felt the same itching as previous in my eyes, so I have gone back to the doctor. And he was intimidated into stopping the medicine and told me that "you have to take medicine regularly for high B.P otherwise it may be harmful for your kidney." So I have been taking medicine regularly, and B.P came under control but was not better. 


Then, as per the doctor's advice, I went to Surat, Gujarat, and there they told me "your kidney is shrinking" and anytime your kidney will be changed, so prepare for this. After listening to this, I was in depression.


I came back to Bikaner, and here, my known "Santosh Devi Sharma" told me about "Vishla Agrotech (P) Ltd. we contact them early. The doctor said to me to taste current and new reports. After tested, the company's doctor gave me treatment and medicine like below:-


Dr. Thanki's Kidney Care Capsules:- 

Two caps With 

50% Punarnava Ark, 25% Kasani Ark, 25% Makoy Ark

 These all called "Anupaan," as said by the doctor. And also said that "you have to take this cap with ten anupaan and also take 30 ml only anupaan three times in a day


I take the above medicine regularly for 15 days, as the doctor said. And after 15 days, I tested, my H.B was low, so the doctor advised me to take four caps. In a day. During this period, I have no problem and felt that medicines are working correctly, and blood reports were ok. Now I continued my treatment regularly and continued Medicine of High B.P, which doctor R.P.kothari. 


After three months, the company's doctor checked my pulse and said to me for a blood test. After the test doctor found that my B.P. was not under control because of these medicines, The doctor advised me to go to Dr. Ashok Sharma for B.P., so I went there, and he told me that my treatment is right and ok given by Dr. R.P.kothari. 


Then I go back to doctor R.P.Kothari, and he gave me another tab. Atecord-D. After taking this tab. my B.P was under control. The company's doctor told me that "we are treating by the ayurvedic process so we can't give B.P to a kidney patient to control the B.P we have to support medical science.


I am following the diet chart as the doctor said and working in my shop for 10-12 hours, and I don't feel any weakness. And I no need to dialysis and change my kidney. Now my B.P is under control. I will share my next experience with all of you after six months.






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