Shivasish Bhattacharjee

Shivasish Bhattacharjee
Story Title : Shivasish Bhattacharjee-21yrs-CKD-CRF
Patient Age : 21 years old
Date : 19-11-2017

Patient Reviews:

My name is Bijan Bhattacharya residing Howrah West Bengal s/o Late Mihir kumar Bhattacharjee i am 52 yrs old.  I am the only son of my father my father was a smoker but he left after diagnosed of chest cancer. At the age of 85 he died of a heart stroke we could not pick him to hospital.

I have two children one son and one daughter my wife aged 45 years is with good health. My son is age 21yrs and my daughter age is 12yrs .My son whose name is Shivashish Bhattacharjee is having kidney problem.

When he was only 10month old he got fever we showed him to so many Dr but the fever did not relaxed so we took him to Dr Chatterjee he investigated and found there is infection in right kidney and he advised to remove the right kidney as it may damage left kidney. We shocked but to save another kidney we removed it .After that my son was spending his life properly as normal children.He was an average student in his school and he usually playing sports.He never felt any problem and even though we forgotten he has 1 kidney. All of the sudden in 2016 he felt a problem like epilepsy we took him to Neurologist he said this cant happen in this age but the same occurred again and again so we took him to Calcutta medical research institute they admitted him. There in investigation it found Blood Urea was too high and S creatinine was also very high the made 4 dialysis and after 10 days they relieved after making a fistula on hand. After 7 days he again got fever we again took him to same hospital they again done 2 dialysis after 8 days they relieved him. As per there advice we were getting two dialysis every week .

One day i saw on internet about Dr Raj kumar kochar of Vishla Agrotech pvt ltd we saw his website and came to know that he already treated so many kidney patient whose reports and reviews were on site. I immediately contacted him as he can speak in Bengali so i could easily explain my son condition he send some medicine and we took some liquis bottle of Arq as he suggested to buy from market we mix it and started giving medicine with that anupan and we followed his instructions and gradually the volume of urine increased and the duration of dialysis increased and now we are going for dialysis after 10 days. In the month of September he felt coughing i showed him to Nephrologist in Kolkata he made an chest X ray and doubt of tumor as my father was having chest cancer so i was feared .Dr Kochar insisting to show my son to him so i took him to Bikaner on 15th November we came by flight to Bikaner via delhi we reached at 7 pm just reaching Dr kochar sent my son to done C T Scan of chest where no tumor found only some chest was congested of cough and bronchitis patches. I was happy to listen there is no tumor at all.

NOTE: In December 2014 my son right feet become banded i showed so many Dr but no body find solution of it than a Dr name Dr chowdhury detected loss of Vitamin D3 it was suppose to be nil so he prescribed some tablets.Within 2 to 3 month his right leg become banded.

That night of 15 November we take rest and on 16th Dr Kochar advised to note down some parameter for 24hrs we started at 1 pm as his BP was high but no any Dr suggested any medicine for it Dr Kochar started Tab Nicardia  .5mg and 1 tab Arkamin together the miracle started his bp was controlled for 24hr and urine passed much than he took water intake.As we already booked our return ticket it was my mistake as the uric acid yet not controlled and Dr Kochar said till the uric acid will not control Blood urea level will not decrease so s creatinine will not less.

It is a matter of thinking one kidney is removed and another kidney is not working but my son drink 3 ltr water and excrete 3 Ltr urine it means we have to faith that the medicine Dr Thanki Kidney Care cap is working as kidney.

I would like to request the reader of my son review to meet your patient once to Dr kochar. We met after 36 dialysis and started medicine though Dr Kochar saw my son now after 5month and 17 days he took his medicine as telephonic advice. I must say he is only the Dr who can treat a kidney failure patient well without seeing patient only by seeing reports and weight.

God Bless My Son.

dated 17.7.17 Bijan Bhatacharjee


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