V Ramchandra

V Ramchandra
Story Title : V.RAMCHANDRA-62 Years-Kidney Failure...
Patient Age : 62 years old
Date : 17-11-2014

Patient Report:- 

Name Age Address
V. Ramchandra 62 8-4-367/161, Vinayak Rao Nagar, Bormunda, Hyderabad -18


Disease Description:-

Left kidney small in size-Echozenecity increased CMD lost.

Treatment Given:-

Dr.Thanki Kidney Care Capsule:- 3cap x 4time a day =12 capsules daily with Anupaan made by our 'Trio Herbal Extract':- 500ml per day.
Chandra prabhavati:- 3 cap x 3days:- 9cap
Advice:- Strictly Follow the diet chart


V.RAMCHANDRA-62 Years-Kidney Failure Treatment