Sheila Yadav

Sheila Yadav
Story Title : SHEILA YADAV-40yrs-Non Issue of Baby
Patient Age : 40 years old
Date : 03-02-2014


SHEILA YADAV-40yrs-Non Issue of Baby Patient Review:-

I sheila Yadav w/o Sri Akhilesh Yadav village Sonpur Minni tola dist saran, Bihar aged 40yrs. I was married in 2003, but I did not conceive a baby, so I was always in distress, and I was supposed to conceive, so I went to any doctor suggested by one, but after treatment when I did not get results, so I become hopeless.

A person named Shatrughan Ram, which is just my grandfather as a family relation, suggested I go to Dr samba Singh of Hazipur. He investigated me properly then given me medicines; previously, I was discharging black blood in its original color. I continued that treatment for five days and added two more treatments. 

After taking that, my mensuration stopped, so I checked up and found pregnant now on this date 8.12.2013 I am expectant of four months, as per his suggestions I consulted a ladies Dr. by the name dr. Sheela Kumari, who monthly checks me and prescribed me some tablets of iron and vitamins.
But still, often, I visit Dr. Sambhu Singh.

As I am illiterate so I am drafting this letter, and my husband is writing it.


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