Shanti Devi Mawani

Shanti Devi Mawani
Story Title : SHANTI DEVI MAWANI-56yrs-bleeding piles from 2003
Patient Age : 56 years old
Date : 22-01-2014

Shanti Devi Mawani Patient Review:- Bleeding Piles

Review from Son On Behalf Of His Mother "Shanti Devi Mawani"

My mother name is "Shanti Devi Mawani" age 56 years. My mother is a patient of haemorrhoids, and she was bleeding from warts. On dated 05.11.2013 someone told us about "Vishla Agro Tech (P) Ltd. So we went there and met Dr Raj Kumar Kochar. 


The doctor gave the mother wart medicine. At the time, we had come to see the doctor, the mother's abdomen and chest burn caused by hot milk were falling, and its treatment was doing by "Shiv Shakti Malham".


On dated 04.01.2014 we met again to the Dr Raj Kumar Kochar at Bikaner. During this period, my mother's weight increase almost 3 kg, and burn wound was completely dry. But the left side is a little painful. Warts of the bleeding have stopped, but the itch is still there.


Mother is operated by the left foot, caused by accident so due to which sometimes causes pain in limbs. My mother had also complained of B.P, and its medicine is running. Now have to take medication to sleep. According to the doctor continuously have to take medicine for warts, so we doing as said by the doctor.




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