Satpal Goyal

Satpal Goyal
Story Title : Satpal Goyal-50yrs-Esophagus cancer-oral cancer
Patient Age : 50 years old
Date : 04-07-2018

Satpal Goyal 50yrs Esophagus cancer-oral cancer Patient Reviews

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Satpal Goel 50 New Abadi, Gali no 1, Abohar (Punjab)

My name is Satpal Goel, and I belong to Abohar I found a blockage in food pipe I went to Max Hospital at Sri Ganganagar they operated and removed tumours and sent it for the test to Mumbai where report found of food pipe cancer.

I read about Dr Kochar through SEEMA SANDESH newspaper, and we met with him he said that you could cure without chemotherapy or radiation. I was fearful of chemotherapy and radiation, so I started his medicine; he gave us 45 days and instructed to follow diet chart strictly.

After Dr Kochar's advice today, we came to his clinic he advised some tests, and in general, check-up found regular BP Oxygen pulse rate etc.

Decreased some hb %, and the cholesterol level reached to higher level my cea is 4.5 though I am non-smoker.

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