Saroj Devi

Saroj Devi
Story Title : SAROJ DEVIi-33 Years-Gall Bladder Stone.....
Patient Age : 33 years old
Date : 07-07-2015

Patient Detail

Name Age Address
Smt Saroj Devi 33 Bikaner

Disease Description:- Gall Bladder Stone


Treatment Given:-

Dr. Thanki's Stone Powder:- 4tsp.× 6times in a day.


Treatment Started From 26 June

 SAROJ DEVIi-33 Years-Gall Bladder Stone Patients Report:

The patient and her relative were illetrate so they cant write review.

in the month of december she made an USG Abdomen and found no calculi.

As it is some far place from our centre they did not came to give us last ultra sound report.