Ritu Gupta

Ritu Gupta
Story Title : RITU GUPTA-44yrs-delhi -lung cancer
Patient Age : 44 years old
Date : 07-10-2017

Patient Reviews: This lady is known to us as the treatment done by us of her daughter Baby Agarwal patient of Bi coronuate uterus whose success reviews in our website. She was suffering with coryza and was not cured by antibiotics the Dr in Delhi advised for Chest X ray in that found a tumor in left lungs the Dr advised for Pet Cat Scan as he diagnosed a big size lymph node in left lungs so it was considered as Lungs Carcinoma. She feared and ask her husband to come to us they same day came to Bikaner our Dr Raj kumar kochar also made some blood test and urine test and found 1st stage of Lung Cancer and started treatment by Dr Thanki Tum Can Capsules 12 capsules a day as her body weight was 90 kg.

We started medicine along with some other medicine to save her liver and heart and make it continue for two months after 60 days she went for x ray in Delhi but found suspicious as we were sure shot of our medicine so we ask her to come Bikaner she came here on 6th December we made a contrast C T Scan where found clear lungs and no lymph node found. Our Dr Raj kumar kochar again check up for blood reports also found nothing.

She became happy as the big lung lymph node detected as Lung carcinoma she is cured. She has to take 45 days six cycles of Dr thanki Tum Can Capsules as to clear all possibilities of reoccurs of ant tumor in Lung in future.

God will help her.