Rajendra Singh

Rajendra Singh
Story Title : Rajendra singh-28yrs-CKD-KIDNEY PATIENT
Patient Age : 28 years old
Date : 23-08-2018

Patient Reviews:My name is Rajendra singh s/o late jagdish chowdhry of Ghaziabad. I was suffered with severe headache one year back after 3 days i visited to a Dr for check up my BP  was 213/110 he advised me to admit in hospital i admitted there when Dr investigated whole found my kidney damaged upto 90%than i visited to max hospital Vaishali  that time Serum creatinine level was 4/.1 and blood urea was  60 only but Dr advised me that my condition will retro gate day by day so i visited to Meerut kidney hospital but my serum creatinine and blood urea increased there found serum creatanine 6.1 and blood urea 110almost i taken treatment for four mont but there was no sign of improving  than i visited to Dr sandeep gularia in Appolo that time my creatinine increased  13.8 and  blood urea become 205 i was in too distress as Dr sandeep gularia advised me for kidney transplant. My wife was ready to give kidney for me we started for making formalities of kidney transplant during that time i met with a person of Bawli who already transplanted his son kidney in appollo so he advised and given mobile number of Dr raj kumar kochar bikaner rajasthan he assured us the most probably he will solve your problem you no need to transplant or dialysis .I started fro bikaner at 11.35 on20th august when i reached Bikaner my condition was not good my blood urea serum creatinine uric acid phosphorus were highle increased after treated by dr taj kumar kochar i fell some better urine output in creased.

I am taking medicine for 40 days and i will write my next review after 40 days.