Rajendra Prasad

Rajendra Prasad
Story Title : RAJENDRA PRASAD SHARMA-61yrs-Skin Psorasis
Patient Age : 61 years old
Date : 14-12-2013

English translation of Er R p sharma 's review:

My name is Rajendra prasad sharma s/o shri Bhairon Prasad Sharma, residing at Shanti Nagar colony, Gadarwara, Dist. Nursingpur, Madhya Pradesh.

In 1991-1992 i was suffering with bleeding from nose.this problem continued for one year , before that in 1981-1992  i was suffering with kidney stone in my urinary tract it found always in each x-ray report. In 1981,1985,1988,1991 and 1992 the kidney stone removed and after that till to day i did not suffered with this problem again. For kidney stone i have taken tablets cystone for a longer period.

When i was suffering with bleeding from nose i have to put soframycin ointment in one nos trill of left side and will pack by cotton than only bleeding were stop. Though after one year i get rid of it but i lost my smell power.

In the year 1994-95 there started some black spot on my both thumb of feet and within a short period both the nail of thumb become destroyed and look ugly than i consulted Dr. who advised me some medicines by which it become cured but after some time again it repeated but after taking medicines it become cured in 1996.

In the year 2000 again the same problem started on the nails of both thumb of feet but after taking some medicine it become cured.

In the month of December 2003 io found itching on head and after itching on it it releases blood.

When consulted with allopath Dr, they diagnosed as psoriasis and  declared not curable. They advised me that by some medicines it may control after that it spread ed in my whole body, found swelling in two fingers of hand than i visited a Dr. at Bilaspur Skin specialist who prescribed ,me Methitrexate steroid to me by which the problem some how solved but as soon as i stop medicine i found red round worms on entire body.

Than in may 2004 i went to Pangara village of tehsil Nraini of Uttar Pradesh where i met with Dr. Sri Madan Gopal Bajpapee, B.A.M.S. having there own naturopathy center i stayed there for 54 days for treatment they totally banned salt in food, 15 days totally dependent on fruit and for 7 days they provided me only honey and water i lost my weight from 68kg to 51 kg . In their treatment they given me steam bath, oil massage, enima,cow urine mixed with Multan soil and it applied on entire body and after dry i take bath.they given me panch karm treatment. After that i feel there were no problem of skin psoriasis .

But just after one year in 2005 i again found same problem which is a crucial problem till date to me. Again i started Methotrexate steroids to controll it. but i feel my immunity is going down day by day.

I also taken medicine of Baba Ramdeo's Divya pharmacy medicine for this deasese as kishore guggul, kayakalp bati and some others as prescribed by their outlet Dr. but in vain.

Now i am feeling weakness and feeling moving of earth very fast but when i stop it i found again same problem of wounds with burning sensations.

Before two month i have pain in wrist of right hand and fingers of left leg and Dr. declared as psoratic arthritis. Now the problem is reaches up to every joint of body .

On 18march 2012 i came to Bikaner to this company and met with the Dr. and showed him the reports which he advised on phone before this as CD4 Count, CBC, and HIV test.

CD4 COUNT + Lymphocytes count 493 found but found HIV negative. The company Dr. given medicine for one day and i found relax in itching.

To day 18.3.2012 i advised to take 1 tab of ondencentron (obdoc 8mg) first than take 3 capsule of Dr. Thanki's Can Rose capsules and after 10 minutes 4 capsules of Dr. Thanki's Tum Can capsules as in sonography found liver enlarge and echo texture bright The company Dr. suggested to take Dr. Thanki's Liver care powder ,Tablet Silybon 140 twice a day and Syp Amlycure DS two tsp twice a day.

Along with this Dr. suggested for Dr. Thanki's Immune Booster (aids powder) 1tsp twice a day with fresh water i found some problem of loose motion but i taken Tab septran 2 tab instant found relax. On the first day i found 80% relax in itching and burning.


I will continue the medicine and will share my experience in future

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