Puja Tanwar

Puja Tanwar
Story Title : PUJA TANWAR-26 Years-Multiple sclerosis
Patient Age : 26 years old
Date : 24-09-2016

PUJA TANWAR-26 Years-Multiple sclerosis Treatment Review

The patient was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis as it is a noncurable disease in modern medical science. After a lengthy study, our dr raj Kumar Kochar treated her; now she is out of disorder; no miracle, it's Ayurveda. I request that no diseases be a new all are before 5000 years back and 100% solution in Ayurveda if an Ayurveda dr works.

A good friend of mine name Mr. Pawan Singhal working in SBBJ now SBI PP branch Bikaner, came to me one day and told me that I have to go with him to see a patient. I immediately went with him; he took me to this lady suffering from acute brain pain, and she can't walk up to urination. 

Her condition was terrible; they already spent a lot of money on treatment. At that time, the lady was very nervous. I started medicine for her on January 21.01.2017. She has done an MRI and found no tumor; she is working in a bank, and now she is going by her scooty. GOD BLESS HER.

Treatment given to her:

Dr Thanki Tum can cap 12 cap divided into 3 time a day
Dr. Thanki Blood Purifier cap 1 capsule three times a day
Tab Evion LC 1 Tab twice a day
Tab Nerve up 1 tab twice a day

for 90 days she is alright.