Pawan Kumar

Pawan Kumar
Story Title : PAWAN KUMAR-33yrs-Kidney Failure
Patient Age : 33 years old
Date : 22-11-2014

Patient Detail

Name Age Address
Pawan Kumar kushwaha 33 C/O Ramchandra Kushwaha, Indira Colony, Gali No-3, Rudrapur, Uddham Singh Nagar, Uttrakhan - 263153

Disease Description:- Both Kidneys are Normal Size & Shape With Increased Echogenecity and Loss of CMD


Dr Thanki's Kidney Care Capsule 3cap x 4 times a day = 12cap daily with Anupaan made by our 'Trio Herbal Extract':- 500ml per day.
Chandra Prabhavati 2cap for each time (Morning & Evening)= 4 tab daily.


Advice:- Strictly Follow Diet Chart


PAWAN KUMAR-33yrs-Kidney Failure Patient Review:-

Review from "Pawan Kumar Kushwaha"

I am "Pawan Kumar Kushwaha from Rudrapur, Uttrakhand.

Just around six months ago, I felt giddy, so I went to Dr Joshi. He tested my blood and found that creatinine and blood urea were on a high and he told me that "your kidney is damaged, so he referred me to Bareli Uttar Pradesh. After referred to Bareli, I got two-time dialysis. After dialysis, creatinine and blood urea level increased, so I got three-time dialysis but did not get any good results.

During this period, I was trying another way to forget good treatment. One day I got information about "Vishla Agrotech (P) Ltd, Bikaner at Google. So on dated 20.11.2014, I reached Bikaner and met the doctor and discussed with him about my problems. The doctor did necessary tested, and he found that damaged the kidney and reports were like this:-


  • Creatinine: - 4.3
  • Blood Urea: - 64.8
  • Uric Acid: - 10.0


After checking all reports, the doctor gave me medicine for three days, and I felt useful during treatment, and body swelling reduced.

Today on dated 23.11.2014 doctor gave me medicine for 30 days and advised to take it regularly.