Om Prakash

Om Prakash
Story Title : OM PRAKASH SINGH-54-Brain Cancer Tumor
Patient Age : 54 years old
Date : 15-03-2015

Patient Detail

Name Age Address
Om Prakash singh 54 Gazipur U.P.


Disease Description :- Brain Cancer Tumor ( 2nd Stage) Neoplastic Stage


Treatment Given:- 

Dr.Thanki's Tumcan Capsule :-  1 X 3 times a day.

Kachnar Guggle :- 4 x 2 times a day.

Avoided Items :- Milk , Curd , Sugar & Tools Made From Milk.

Treatment Started From - 14 March 2015


OM PRAKASH SINGH-54-Brain Cancer Tumor Treatment Review

Review from Deepak Singh On Behalf of His Father Om Prakash Singh
My name is Deepak Singh. My father's name is Om Prakash Singh, age 54 years. My father has Brain Cancer Tumor. Because of tumors, he cannot walk properly, pain in the left eye, less eye vision and ear vision, and amnesia.

We concerted with the neurologist of Banaras then he advised us for an operation, but we did not agree because of the cancer tumor. A few days later, my father began to clatter on the right of the face. After this, our relative told us about Dr.J.N.Sachan from Kanpur, who gave ayurvedic treatment. So we went there, and the doctor gave us some powder. Father take this power for 11 months, but no improvement came.

We saw an advertisement in a magazine about Lawaniya, so we called them, but they replied that "we are treating only cancer patients, not brain tumors. If you want to find the treatment of a Tumor, then go to "Vishla AgroTech Pvt.Ltd., Bikaner.

Finally, on dated 15.03.2015, we went to Bikaner and met the doctor of Vishla AgroTech Pvt.Ltd., Bikaner. The doctor gave medicine for 120 days like below:-
Ondoc- 8mg - (1 X 3 times a day).
Dr. Thanki's Tumcan Capsule – 3 X 3times a day
Kachnaar Guggle – 4 X 2 times a day.
Avoided Items:- Milk, Curd, Sugar & tools made from milk

The doctor called us back after 120 days. Whatever we have experienced during these 120 days, we will share with you all.






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