Mukesh Devi

Mukesh Devi
Story Title : MUKESH DEVI-52- years-CKD-PKD both -kidney failure
Patient Age : 52 years old
Date : 05-10-2017

Patient Detail

Name Age  Address
Mukesh Devi 49 Delhi

Disease Description:- Both Kidneys are contracted and small in size and Echo-texture increased-CMD Lost.

Treatment Given:-

1. Dr.Thanki's Kidney Care Capsule:- 3 cap 3 times a day = 9 cap daily.(with anupaan)

2. Chandra Prabha Vati:- 3 cap 3 times a day = 9 cap daily.

MUKESH DEVI CKD-PKD both kidney failure Review

I Rampratap Singh s/o Shree Rampal Singh 77a Rajendra Nagar industrial area, Mohan Nagar, Sahibabad writing this review on behalf of my mother in law Mrs. Mukesh Devi, whose treatment I am doing in Delhi. One neighbor in Delhi told me about Dr raj Kumar Kochar of vishla agrotech Pvt ltd, Bikaner. So I took her here she has four girls all married and one son who expired in a train accident, so I am looking after her. After the death of a son in 2008, she became a hypertension patient, and the tablet suggested by a physician continued. In 2014 she became having a breathing problem, so we took her to Dr in Aligarh the Dr said both her kidneys shrank, and they started medicine.

After the 6th month on the same treatment, her health became poorer. I took her to different nephrologists they advise for dialysis. We started dialysis; after 22 dialyzes, we came here and started medicine.

Now she feels better; we are taking medicine regularly once in 45 days we are going for dialysis.

She is taking dr Thanki's kidney care capsule with anupan; we could not stop dialysis forever in another case. Still, she id to go for dialysis with an interval of 45 days.




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