Mohammed Jafar

Mohammed Jafar
Story Title : Mohammed Jafar-40yrs-kidney patient=echotexture increased cmd preserved
Patient Age : 40 years old
Date : 17-07-2018

Mohammed Jafar-40yrs-kidney patient echotexture increased cmd preserved Treatment Review:-

I Md Zafar S/O Md Sarwar residing at dist Warangal. My age is 39 yrs. In December 2017, I met with some heart problems. I was feeling trouble breathing then I showed it to Dr. Ravi in Hyderabad; he explained that my kidney is damaged. He said the kidney is working only 10% only the rest 90 % is damaged. He advised me to admit for three days in KIMS Hospital, and he suggested dialysis, but I refused to go for dialysis.

I was afraid of the name of dialysis, so I did not do dialysis and search on google and found Dr. Raj Kumar Kochar's number. I called him; he is in Bikaner city of Rajasthan Dr advised me to send reports I sent on Whatsapp he advised me to come to his clinic for treatment.

On 16.7.2018 I reached at night when I was tired of two days train journey, so I took to rest the next morning. I met with Dr he sends me for some blood urine and USG Abdomen investigation. In reports, Blood urea was 120.2, and serum creatinine was 8.5, whereas, in Hyderabad, it was 9.2. In sonography report found 40% kidney damaged whereas Dr. Ravi in Hyderabad, without investigating USG Abdomen say 90% kidney is damaged. Hemoglobin was 9.2 whereas previously it was 11.1 and ESR found 30 mm potassium found 5.57 and there it was 4.2. If we see in total the report of Hyderabad was wrong; I started treatment under Dr. Raj Kumar Kochar and his treatment as mentioned below:-

1 Dr. Thanki's Kidney care capsules: 7 capsules a day divided into 3 part 2 2 3 with 250 ml of Anupam mixed of (50% Punarnava Arq 25% Makoy Arq Kasni are 25%)
2 Tab Ketostril 2tab two times a day means four tablet daily
3 Tab Revlomer 400mg  1    1
4 Tab Supradyn                   1 tab daily
5 Tab Dexorange                 1 tab twice daily
6 Tab Arkamin                     1 tab thrice a day
7 Tab Nicardia 10mg          1 tab at 8 am and one tab at 8 pm
8 Tab Dyutor 20mg            1 tab thrice a day
9 Tab Lasix                             1 tab at 8 am and one tab at 8 pm
for breathing problem S O S
Tab Montair lc
Tab Deriphyllin retard 300
Tab Ketasma
each tablet one tablet at a time

These three tablets should be given two times a day. My BP was always become high Dr. Kochar advised me to check my BP after every three hours, and in one day, my BP becomes controlled. I took BP medicine for two years, but it never controls, but here it controls in a single day. Previously my urine output was very less now;, it increases as a general person.

I feel fully satisfied that coming here though it is some far, Dr is good and experienced with a very sweet tongue he behaves like a brother. I think I will be recover soon.
Today again, he investigated some blood reports. My Hb level found nine serum creatinine found 8.3 I feel satisfied here on 20.7.18 I am going to Hyderabad taking medicine for 60 days. Dr advised me to come back after two months again.

I feel well and better than before. I will write about my experience again when I come back after two months.







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