Kanchan Devi

Kanchan Devi
Story Title : KANCHAN DEVI JOSHI-28yrs ( Brain tumor patient-operated- 9 years back)
Patient Age : 28 years old
Date : 12-11-2013

I Ashok Tiwari caste brahmin resident of Nokhamandi. My sister Kanchan Devi is suffering from a brain tumour, in the beginning. She was having a problem of semi epilepsy condition, and we have gone for a check-up to some doctors. 


They were giving some medicines but when the condition does not control, and still she was having that similar attacks repeatedly than and she was claiming of headache. After one year she lost eyesight of one eye than we consulted in PBM hospital where Dr Arvind Vyas who suggested for MRI and C T Scan of the brain and she diagnosed as having a brain tumour.


Then we contacted neurosurgeon Dr L.N.Agarwal who operated and said she is now out of danger. After that, my sister was fine without having pain in the brain, but the eyesight did not recover. 


And the Dr. told us that her eye is damaged and will not be the cure in future. But just after 3-4 years spent she again getting pain in her brain, and again she gets those epileptic conditional attacks. We again consulted Dr, and they told us that tumour again formed and it is increasing gradually, and we started medicines they suggested. We avoided operation and treated with medicines only, but after four years, the attacks repeated again and again than Dr. advised to go for surgery.

They warned me that if we don't do so, then there is a chance of brain hemorrhage than I came to know about this company and its doctors. 


We met with them on 22.5.2013 and deliberated all to them they suggested to have ct scan as current, and we went to maharajah MRI Scan centre. They diagnosed tumour size as 64x43x32 this report advised by Dr Sushil acharya. After seeing the reports, Dr of this company advised that do not worry and take medicine for 40 days then check tumour size if it does not decrease than the option of surgery is open to you for patients.

We convenience and started the medicine and after 41 days we went to Bhargava Memorial diagnostic centre to get a ct scan of my sister. 

On 12.7.2013 we made ct scan where tumour size found decreased as 50x45x29 this report duly given bY Dr Anand Bihani (radiologist). During that period, neither my sister got any pain in the brain. Neither she had an attack of the epileptic condition, and she was looking some healthy also.

Impression: after an operation or there are some changes in hormones or for some other reasons, she was having some irregular mensuration. She becomes having mensuration after an interval of 5 or 6 months. 

As we are five sister and brothers and no one suffered by these type of disease my parents are also not having such disease so I would like to let you know that this is not a genetic disease.





















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