Jyanti Devi

Jyanti Devi
Story Title : Jyanti devi-59yrs-CKD -PKD-Kidney failure
Patient Age : 59 years old
Date : 22-12-2017

Patient Reviews: My name is Haribhushan upadhyay s/o sri Ramnath residing of Meerutt U.P. i am writing about the problem of my mother smt jayanti devi.

My mother is 69yrs old she never suffered with any kind of crucial problem in her whole life. 4years back she felt some gastric pain and stomach pain we went her to Dr they investigated and found some stone in gall bladder and as per Dr advised we removed it. After that she was well o k there was no any  problem she felt. Just after 2 years means two years back she felt some pain in the place of kidney we immediately contacted Dr and after a along investigation found both kidneys were damaged. That time we did not known that there were cysts on kidney we just considered there is problem in kidney. We went to Nephrologist Dr Pradeep in meerut he was prescribing medicines to her and so far we are giving medicine to her till to day.Just 20 days back her urine was coming in drops we again went to Dr the Dr gave some medicine and urine was passing as usual but it started swelling in face and leg which is still there on her body. During this period i met with a Dr who is running a medical shop in Baraut named Rajendra he gave us address and mobile number of Dr Kochar of Bikaner he told that Dr Kochar of Bikaner is treating well to kidney patients his known and all are successful he told his result is 100% so i took all reports and came to Bikaner to day on 20.12.17 and met with Dr Kochar he saw all the reports and told me that my mother is a patient of poly cystic kidney patients. He explained there are lot of cyst on right kidney and a big cyst on left kidney which is increased compare to previous size and for these cyst her both kidney damaged. At present the other reports shows normal except increase in uric acid level and less of Hb .The Dr Kochar said us the cause of formation of stone in gall bladder was also high level of uric acid and as the kidney are not working so formation of new blood is stopped.

My father aged 75 yrs is quite ok except he met with heart stroke and made bye pass surgery of heart he is taking medicine except some minor problem he is quite well and spending his life with good health.

We are two brothers and three sisters and all are married and with sound health and with kids.As Dr kochar explained this is a genetic problem so ie may be in the mothers own family or with kids so he advised to be cautious and make USG abdomen of each member of my family and my maternal family.

As per Dr kochar the case of my mother will come under control but for cyst he advised to contact any homeopath practitioners as the best and effective treatment with those Dr only.

He contnued Dr Pradeep medicine just add his dr thanki kidney care capsule 2 capsule with Anupan thrice a day. He advised me to come my mom in summer to Bikaner for check up.