Jugal Kishor

Jugal Kishor
Story Title : Jugal kishor jajra-65yrs-Metastatic oral-Throat cancer
Patient Age : 65 years old
Date : 28-01-2018

Patient Reviews: My name is Surendra Jajra s/o Shri Jugal kishor jajra. We are four kids of him.I am writing about my fathers problem of cancer.

He was first detected cancer in throat we take chemo and radiation by Dr sultan Ahmed in Mumbai after that he was alright till 2017 with a normal and healthy life.

In july 2017 he again get pain in throat we took him to Dr Balawat of jupitor hospital thane there the Dr again given 10 cycle of radiation but his condition become more crucial. He stopped taking food as the cough and koryza started very crucial after that as he was unable to take food so we saw his Hb was less than 4 we immediately took him to hospital three unit blood transfused than he became survive but the problem was the same.After getting nervous we came to dr raj kumar kochar clinic after starting his medicine he relaxed.

My father have one brother and one sister and they are well ok with health. My grandfather died of heart attack and my grand mother died after throat cancer.

Now in investigation all parameters were  OK except CA 19.9 is some increased .On 24th January 2018 my fathers 41 marriage anniversary was to be celebrate with big bang but condition of my father was not good he cant walk properly as suffering with lot of weakness during that period i went with my father in law to my maternal father in law  to invite him to celebrate the ceremony. As i was in tension mood for the illness of my father so i was quite sitting he asked me what happened than i delivered the problem of my father.Without delay he appointed a compo under and advised some injection and also advised for some test we done. As the compo under given on 22nd and 23rd we found miracle changes in fathers health and with a joyfully he attended the function my father was very happy.

After two days later i took my father to Dr Raj kumar kochar clininc hre he saw and my father explained his main problem was coryza and he could not eat properly there was pain in throat. As he complaint that while taking any thing in swallowing there is acute pain throat the Dr started Dr thank i tumcan capsule twelve capsules a aday as the body was around 100kg also given some medicine for blood increase around 25% he relaxed within two days .

To day on 29.1.18 the Dr given 2 tab stemin at a time and asked him to take some spicy junk food my father swallowed but some thing felt burning sensation but Dr said as it was after 6 month so he felt so from to day on wards he advised to take solid foods as he was taking six month back.

Still the dr did not advised to give lemon water with salt my father sleep well in night and he awaken very rare in night for cough and coryza.Dr advised to take course of stemin and i will write more experience in future.

To day 1st february i again took my father to Dr kochar now my father can take food easily his blood pressure oxygen level and heart rate are within normal limit now only problem of coryza in night and at that time he felt pain in throat but it is not acute. Dr changed some medicine for night and assured the problem will over.