Joraram Beniwal

Joraram Beniwal
Story Title : Joraram Beniwal-62yrs-esophagus cancer
Patient Age : 62 years old
Date : 12-03-2018

Patient reviews:

I Joraram Beniwal, aged 62 yrs residing of Sikar. In the beginning, I felt a problem in eating food, so I showed to Dr. Kailash he advised for X-RAY so I have done X-ray in which found a tumor in the gut line. Dr advised me to send reports to Jaipur, but I decided to go myself. I went on 8th February 2018, there Dr took a piece of the tumor for biopsy, and the second day has done C T SCAN.

In biopsy found cancer in food pipe I investigated for three days and came back to Sikar in my village, many people become aware of my problem. One of them advised me to go to Dr. Raj Kumar Kochar of Bikaner, who treat with Ayurvedic medicines.

Then on 11th March 2018, I came to Bikaner in the clinic of Dr. Raj Kumar Kochar and explained about my disease. He told me to investigate some blood tests and urine complete, USG Abdomen in investigation my prostate gland was increased in weight. All other reports were routine. 

He started my treatment. As per my weight, he began dr Thanki's tum can capsule 12 capsules daily divided into three parts. He stopped milk curd sugar and fruit juice. I am taking precautions and taking medicine as he advised.

In my village, I took medicine and strictly following diet charts. After 20 days, all my problems were solved, and I started taking food, and my health was recovering.

Again I came on 13th April 2018 to Bikaner also. Some tests were done in which all parameters were acceptable, and the good thing was my Hb increased from 10 to 10.7. I have taken medicine and came back to the village.

Again I came on 17th May 2018 to Bikaner; some blood tests were done all were fine. And the size of the tumor decreased than Dr advised me to stop medicine for one month.

Again today, on 16.7.18, I came to Bikaner as I was suffering from a cold and coryza, which causes tonsil, and I felt a problem in eating and swelling, but it was not for the sake of cancer as I feared.

Now Dr saheb gave me medicine for 45 days and ask me to come after 50 days. Today, urine and blood tests were done; my Hb reaches 13.1, which was ten; only all reports were routine and sound.

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