Dipesh Bhai

Dipesh Bhai
Story Title : DIPESH BHAI-44yrs-hepatitis b positive, cyst on kidney
Patient Age : 44 years old
Date : 14-06-2017

The patient came from Surat as complaining of hepatitis b and was treated by some Gastroenterology of Mumbai for the last five years, but no improvement found. The patient was a non-smoker but taking Alcohol for some past two years he stopped Alcohol as per advised of Dr of Mumbai but for the last six month he again started to take Alcohol also.

I asked him to make some investigation and found hepatitis b was normal. Still, the liver was supposed to become cirrhotic though yet not seen.

It may occur if he continues the Alcohol I suggested to stop Alcohol and be cautious about the future. In using abdomen found altered liver echotexture and left renal cortical cyst. I asked him about his family and maternal family nobody suffered from the renal cyst ever as it is a genetically developed disease, so I asked him. Still, he refused such with any other family members.

The treatment gives to him:

tab Supradyn 1 tablet alternate day
tab ccm 1 tablet daily
cap Cytozene of charak 2 cap twice a day
tab Silybon 140mg 1 tab twice a day
Dr Thanki's liver care powder 3/4 tsp mix in a cup of water and take twice daily
Dr Thanki's Tum Can cap 2 cap twice a day
tab Nityam 1 tablet at bed time



Patient Reports:-

DIPESH BHAI-44yrs-hepatitis-b-positive-cyst-on-kidney-patient-treatment-report-1

DIPESH BHAI-44yrs-hepatitis-b-positive-cyst-on-kidney-patient-treatment-report-2

DIPESH BHAI-44yrs-hepatitis-b-positive-cyst-on-kidney-patient-treatment-report-3

DIPESH BHAI-44yrs-hepatitis-b-positive-cyst-on-kidney-patient-treatment-report-4

DIPESH BHAI-44yrs-hepatitis-b-positive-cyst-on-kidney-patient-treatment-report-5

DIPESH BHAI-44yrs-hepatitis-b-positive-cyst-on-kidney-patient-treatment-report-6

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